Gardening for Wildlife Month on May, 2025: Wildlife in North America?

May, 2025 is Gardening for Wildlife Month 2025. Wildlife Gardening - Encourage Wildlife into Your Garden‎ We Show You How in Easy Steps

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Wildlife in North America?

This is kind of like an adult fantasy of running away and I'm not knocking it. It's just that unless you are well established and have a place for shelter and maybe a garden of some sort, meat hunting may get old quick.

I love the movie Jeremiah Johnson as well as the next guy but to just up and leave is pretty extreme. Even the trappers of those days, took the best supplies they could get and still had to come in contact with society on a regular basis for re-supply ( rendezvous).

If you planned on just building a homestead just anywhere, the owner may not like that( and much of that land is owned by the government. Yes it does sound good but working for your daily bread( or meat) could be a pretty iffy situation during drought, deep winter and rainy seasons. Packing in supplies just to live a month would be a daunting task not to mention if you would have to take horses or vehicles. In the case of vehicles, if you could drive there, so could others and then you would not be leaving society.

Fun to think about it but in reality, planning and money and equipment would be the only way 99.9 percent of people would survive. I likely would not be one of the survivors.

can I feed my 2 month old American robin storebought jurassidiet easiworm mealworms?

can I feed my 2 month old American robin storebought jurassidiet easiworm mealworms?

I hope you realize that you are breaking federal laws. And that's only the half of it.

You took an animal out of the wild, and now you are planning on keeping it imprisoned for the rest of it's life, denying it any chance at a normal existance.

I don't know where you are from, but where I live, prison is considered punishment. What did that robin ever do to you? How would you like it if you were locked in a cage for the rest of your life - for no reason?

And please don't try to say that you "rescued" this bird. No matter how you want to spin your story, it won't to speak.

That bird should have been left with it's parents. If that was not possible, it should have been brought to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator the day you found it. Those were your only two legal options: leave it alone, or bring it to someone who can help it. Instead you chose to break the law, and harm the bird in the process. And, yes, you are harming the bird.

That bird fledged about one month ago. There is no reason for you to have it caged.

No one is permitted to keep any native wild bird as a pet in the US or Canada - FOR ANY REASON. There are no permits. Wild birds are not pets. They belong in the wild and we need them in the wild. They are a part of the natural ecology and we need them there.

How do I rid my garden of Raccoons??

How do I rid my garden of Raccoons??

Sealed or sheltered trash bins will discourage raccoons. Obviously, raccoons are digging through your trash to find a meal. Make sure you either keep your trash cans sealed (bound shut with cord) or put the trash in a small shelter, like a storage shed.

Fenced gardens will dissuade raccoons from feasting. Raccoons don't always look in the garbage to satisfy their hunger. Certain things in the garden, like small fruit will definitely suffice. If you can build a sturdy fence (electrified if possible) around your garden, you should see less raccoons hovering around your yard.

Live "Havahart" traps will help you get rid of raccoons. Far and away the best method of removing the nuisance of raccoons is to trap them live and bring them to a wooded area far away from your own home. Be careful though, raccoons will bite if they feel threatened. Wear thick gloves when handling the traps.

Motion-sensing lights and sound devices will keep raccoons away. The reason raccoons are nocturnal is because they're less vulnerable at night. Motion-sense lights and sound devices should scare the raccoons away, but don't depend on these devices for too long; eventually raccoons will learn they aren't really threatened.

Commercial repellents will stop raccoons. There are several online vendors of repellents, who claim that spraying their product on garbage cans and around yards will deter raccoons. Wolf urine is common, and has been recommended by wildlife specialists for quite some time.

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