National Preservation Month on May, 2023: What flowers are in season this month for a bridal bouquet? Greens & whites

May, 2023 is National Preservation Month 2023.

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What flowers are in season this month for a bridal bouquet? Greens & whites

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things to do in ohio?

things to do in ohio?

Where are you visiting? You can learn much about Ohio by reading through the resolved travel questions for Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Easton Town Center in Columbus is a Midwest shopping mecca. Its rival in Cleveland is the combination of Beachwood Place and Legacy Village, both located together east of Cleveland.

Ohio's greatest tourist attractions apart from professional sports likely are Cedar Point, the world's roller coaster capital and located one hour west of downtown Cleveland, and Ohio Amish country, within two hours southeast of Cleveland.

Cleveland is both one of the nation's cultural centers but also features many reasonably priced yet highly acclaimed restaurants.

Many of Cleveland's cultural institutions are at University Circle. These include the Cleveland Museum of Art, one of the nation's best and with free admission to its permanent galleries, and the Cleveland Orchestra, ranked as one of the very best in the world. Also in University Circle is the superb Cleveland Botanical Garden and a very good natural history museum.

The Cleveland Orchestra performs at Severance Hall, one of the world's best concert halls, and at one of the best summer venues in the nation at Blossom Music Center, located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the nation's largest urban forest.

Other attractions in Cleveland include the West Side Market, The Arcade, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and several fun entertainment and dining districts. East of Cleveland is the Holden Arboretum, one of the largest and best in the U.S.

Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo and Akron, all great centers of American wealth in the 20th century, also have superb art museums. Toledo, a center of the American glass industry in the 20th century, features the Glass Pavilion and one of the best collections of glass art works in the world.

Columbus often is ranked as having one of the best zoos in the country, and east of the city is The Wilds, a 10,000-acre animal preservation center.

Columbus also is the home of The Ohio State University, the nation's largest, and German Village, one of the nation's largest historical residential districts and the home of several acclaimed restaurants.

Dayton, west of Columbus, perhaps is the most underrated Ohio attraction, especially for history lovers. It is the birthplace of aviation as the life-long home of the Wright Brothers. At Kitty Hawk, the Wrights flew only a powered glider, which would have merited only a long-forgotten footnote in history. Upon their return to Dayton, however, they perfected the first machine capable of sustained flight and capable of maneuvering in the air. The federal government has honored the Wright's legacy with the development of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.

Dayton visitors can tour the Huffman Prairie Flying Field, where the Wrights tested their planes and operated the first flight school. This, not Kitty Hawk, is where man first ventured into the sky. The first real airplane is housed not at the Smithsonian, but at Carillon Historical Park in Dayton. Adventurers even can fly on the wing of a Wright Flyer in the Dayton area!

Also in Dayton is the massive U.S. Air Force National Museum, which features superb exhibits in addition to billions of dollars worth of artifacts. Among the galleries are most of the presidential planes from past decades. Visitors usually can walk through the presidential planes.

Natural attractions include the Hocking Hills, southeast of Columbus, where visitors can enjoy excellent hikes and other outdoor activities, including zip-lining through hardwood forests and the highly acclaimed "Tecumseh" outdoor drama. Lake Erie offers excellent freshwater beaches in the summer, when the lake's temperature rises above 75 degrees F. in August. The Lake Erie islands also are popular, especially Put-in-Bay, the Key West of the North Coast. Magee Marsh, just east of Toledo, is one of the nation's birding hotspots.

BOL for an enjoyable stay in Ohio!

Need fast!! Satellite channel, National TV, now blocked. any way i can enter a code to unblock it?

Need fast!! Satellite channel, National TV, now blocked. any way i can enter a code to unblock it?

Hi. Hope this helps.


Commercial Conditional

Access System


The CAS-5000 is a powerful, easy-to-use, small-to-medium Broadcast

Network Conditional Access System. It provides addressability and

subscriber authorization for CODICO® IRD-2500, IRD-2600, IRD-2800

devices, as well as – via the CODICrypt® CA Module - for various 3rd party

DVB-CI (Common-Interface) equipped STBs.


• Business TV

• Private Networks

• Small to medium fixed network distribution

Features and Options

• Access Control and Subscriber Authorization

• No Monthly Payment

• Dynamic Subscriber Re-allocation on individual or group basis

• Event Scheduling

• Single-Channel (SCPC) or Multi-Channel (MCPC) Bouquet Support

• Local or Remote Database Management

• Multi-location (distributed) CAS Option

• Multi-CAS Option

• User-friendly GUI

• Context sensitive help

• Supports multi-lingual operation

• Data Base export to file capability

Access Control for small to

medium networks

Broadcaster Revenue


Single-Channel (SCPC) or

Multi-Channel (MCPC)

Dynamic Subscriber


Local or Remote Database


Multi-location (distributed)

CAS Option

Multi-CAS Option

SNT CAS5000/0901








• Interface: 10BaseT

• Products: CAS-5010, CAS-5020

• Rack-mountable (19")

• 17” Monitor

• Rack-mounted keyboard + trackball

Professional IRDs

• Embedded: CODICO® IRD-2500, IRD-2600,


• Proprietary Encryption Algorithm

• DVB CW, ECM, EMM Format Methodology

• No Monthly CAS Licensing Fee Required

• Small to medium networks

• Dynamic Subscriber Authorization

and Re-allocation

• Bouquet Support in both SCPC and MCPC


• Local or Remote Database Management

• Supports Periodic Database Update and


• Multi-location (distributed) CAS Option

• Multi-CAS Option

• Support for NMS-4000 Encoder and

Multiplexer Redundancy

• User-friendly GUI

• Context Sensitive Help

• Supports multi-lingual operation Event


• Database export to file capability

ISDN or Modem

• Interface: ISDN or PSTN

• Products: CAS-5030, CAS-5040


• Standard PC

Industrial-Grade (option)

• CODICO® CAS-5006 Industrial PC

Consumer STBs

• STB or IRD-2300 with CODICrypt® DVB-CI


CODICO® CAS-5010 (configuration option)

• SCPC: Single-Channel

CODICO® CAS-5020 (configuration option)

• MCPC: Multi-Channel

CODICO® CAS-5030 (configuration option)

• CDB: Central Database

• Supports up to 10 CAS-5040 terminals

CODICO® CAS-5040 (configuration option)

• RT: Remote Terminal

• Fault Detection

• 4 hierarchical Operator management levels

• History Log File

• Modular, scalable and configurable

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