Motorcycle Safety Month on May, 2025: I plan to attend the motorcycle safety class l8er this month.?

May, 2025 is Motorcycle Safety Month 2025. May is motorcycle safety month motorcycle safety transit ad

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I plan to attend the motorcycle safety class l8er this month.?

Anyboot that's over the ankle. Timberlines are perfect.

Any long pants, could be bluejeans, running pants, dress for the weather.

Gloves are anything full fingured, use motorcycle gloves, gardening gloves, baseball gloves, any.

Eye protecting is anything too. you'll most likely want sunglasses but regualar glasses are ok too.

helmet is anything that is DOT approved, which is basically anything these days.

Long sleaves is anything too. i'd suggest an opened up button shirt if it's hot, of a hood or jacket or anything else is fine as well.

Have fun and learn all that you can!

motorcycle license? California.?

motorcycle license? California.?

First, schedule an appointment to take the written test (for motorcycles of course) at the DMV. Then, go take a Motorcycle Safety Course. Just goggle your location and MSF, they are all over Cali. Some require you to have your permit to take the class, and you'll have to wait 6 months before you can get your license anyways, so you might as well have the clock start ticking on that 6 months. After you complete the class (mine was 3 days, 5 hours each day) they will give you certification, which you take to the DMV to get your license (after the 6 months are up).

The class I took only charged 150 dollars for riders under 21. Everyone older than that had to pay 250. Also, if you don't know how to drive a stick shift, learn to.

is motorcycle safety need before you get a permit or before you get your licence?

is motorcycle safety need before you get a permit or before you get your licence?

How to apply for a motorcycle or moped driver license if you are under 18

There are two classes of motorcycle licenses, Class M1 and Class M2.

With a Class M1, you can operate any 2–wheel motorcycle and any motorized vehicle in Class M2.

With a Class M2, you can only operate any motorized bicycle or moped or any bicycle with an attached motor.

Effective January 1, 2006, you may operate a motorized scooter with a Class M1 or M2 driver license. Prior to January 1, 2006, you must have a Class C or higher driver license to operate a motorized scooter.

A motorized scooter is defined as: A two–wheeled "device" powered by a motor with a floorboard that is designed to stand on when riding. The scooter may also have a driver’s seat.

Refer to the Motorcycle Driver Handbook for more information.

To apply for a motorcycle Class M1 or M2 permit, you will need to:

Be at least 15 ½ years of age

Visit a DMV office (make an Appointment(s) for faster service)

Complete application form DL 44 (An original DL 44 form must be submitted. Copies obtained by Xeroxing, faxing, or other methods will not be accepted.)

Have your parents’ or guardians’ signatures on the application form DL 44

Give a thumb print

Have your picture taken

Submit proof you have completed both driving education and driver training.

Present an acceptable birth date/legal presence document.

Provide your true full name.

Provide your social security number. It will be verified with the Social Security Administration while you are in the office.

Pay the application fee. This fee is good for 12 months and allows you to take the appropriate law test(s) and skills test three times, if needed, within the 12 month period. This fee pays for both the instruction permit and driver license, if you qualify within that time period. If the application expires, it becomes void and all steps must be completed again.

Pass an vision exam.

Pass a traffic laws and signs test.

Pass an additional law test of motorcycle driving rules.


Show your California driver license, if you have one issued to you.

Pay the application fee

Pass a vision exam

Pass a traffic laws and signs test for motorcycles

Note: To allow you sufficient time for testing DMV will not be administering written or audio exams after 4:30 p.m.

After studying both the California Driver and the Motorcycle Handbooks, call your local DMV to schedule your Appointment(s) for the traffic laws and sign test.

After completing the requirements, you will be issued an instruction permit to allow you to practice driving a motorcycle. You may not drive at night, on the freeway, or have any passengers with you.

To apply for your motorcycle driver license, you must:

Be at least 16 years old

Have had your permit for 6 months

Have completed driver education and driver training or have your California driver license.

Complete a motorcycle rider training course given by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). All persons under 21 are required to complete the course.

Submit the CHP completion certificate (You will not be required to take the motorcycle driving test at DMV.)

For information about the CHP training course, please call 1–877–743–3411 or visit–

After you submit the CHP completion certificate, you will be issued an interim license valid for 90 days until you receive your new photo license in the mail. Double check your address before you leave DMV and tell the DMV representative if you have moved or if your address is incorrect. If you have not received your license after 60 days, call 1–800–777–0133 and they can check on the status for you. Have your interim license with you to provide information when requested.

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