Latino Books Month on May, 2024: What happens if I book a 2 weeks holiday in USA from UK and don't return?

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What happens if I book a 2 weeks holiday in USA from UK and don’t return?

Chances are very good that you will get caught. The gov't is cracking down on illegals and the people who hire them.

If caught you will be taken to and INS detention center and held (probably for months and months) until you case is call, then you will be deported.

ICE facilities aren't pretty:

latino america!! how much £ will i need?

latino america!! how much £ will i need?

I did a trip to south america last summer booked a flight to Bogota (Colombia) stayed there 3 days then took a bus to Medellin (Colombia) where I stayed 2 days (wish i stayed longer) from Medellin I took a flight to Lima, Peru stayed there 2 days and then 2 days in machu pichu, from Lima i took a bus to Santiago, Chile and stayed there 3 days then took a plane to Buenos Aires where i stayed 4 days, went up to Uruguay and finished in Rio de Janeiro.

I spent around 3,500 pounds no joke including airfare and everything. I did stay in cheap hostels and didnt eat in fancy restaurants. I would def recommend South America is a great region.

my top places to go in S.A

Medellin, Colombia (great nightlife and beautiful women i was very surprised)

Rio de Janeiro ( a true paradise )

Buenos Aires ( Very cultural city with many things to offer)

Santiago, Chile ( cool city great setting)

Machu Pichu and Lima


For your info Argentina,Brazil, Chile and Colombia are very European i didn't feel a cultural shock in this countries and was often mistaken as a local. But if you really want to explore the indigenous S. America then you will have to go to Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru where you will see a big cultural difference,

My Latino Weiro Isn’t talking?

My Latino Weiro Isn't talking?

If you want more answers, you may be better off telling people you have a Cockatiel. Most international answerers will not understand what a Weiro is. Also, lutino is a colour, latino is a race. Your Cockatiel is lutino, not latino.

It sounds like you probably have a hen. The cocks tend to be noisier, and the hens are not nearly as likely to learn how to mimic, and tend to be much quieter.

It sounds like your Weiro is fearful and not used to being handled. There are a heap of books and DVDs out there that can help you bond with your parrot.

I recommend any book by Barbara Heindenreich or Mattie Sue Athan.

This book did me wonders when I first took on my neglected Quaker, and this is about the cheapest place I have found to buy parrot training books in Australia. Hope this helps.

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