Women's Health Care Month on May, 2023: Question about excessive bleeding, women's health?

May, 2023 is Women's Health Care Month 2023. Watch new women's health care video and share your story ... Watch new women's health care

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Question about excessive bleeding, women’s health?

Having a very heavy period like that is not uncommon. And periods all change from time to time anyways she just needs to rest and take it easy till it ends its all. If she was to be having a miscariage some woman do not get pain but just a lot of blood and others have a lot of pain. i just had one last month and its a whole different then a regular period and there is no way to mistake the two. The blood is real thin and runny, you bleed for about a week sometimes longer, and you have huge clots that come out that are not normal looking at all like regular period clots. As long as she feels its just like another period she should be fun but she really should get looked at just in case to be safe.

Women’s health, yeast/thrush question?

Women's health, yeast/thrush question?

Sounds like you have chronic yeast. The best thing you can do is go to a GOOD health food store and and talk to them about pro-biotics. Another option is to find a well respected homeopathic Dr. in your area. Sounds like you have an overgrowth in your digestive system. Also stay away from sugars, breads, starches, grains & aclohol as yeast feeds on this stuff. Meds like Nystatin and Diflucan just don't take care of it all the time. BTW, guys can get yeast too.

What kind of health care plan is this?

What kind of health care plan is this?

It is dangerous. Just look at the studies that have just surfaced regarding women's health issues. We will be told that they are the evil health insurance companies idea...NO they are GOVERNMENT funded. This bill should be called for what it is...The future rationing of health care in America. You can best be sure Michele has her hand in this....

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