ALS Awareness Month on May, 2025: Do you think having "Black History Month" helps or hinders race relations in America?

May, 2025 is ALS Awareness Month 2025.

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Do you think having "Black History Month" helps or hinders race relations in America?

There are MANY commemorative months celebrated by this nation and/or used to raise awareness. I wonder why republicans take issue with ONLY this particular celebration.


National Stalking Awareness Month


United States Navy sailors and Marines watching a dance performance in celebration of Black History Month

Black History Month (USA)

Career and Technical Education Month[1]


Irish-American Heritage Month

National Nutrition Month[2]

Women's History Month

National Middle Level Education Month

National Brain Injury Awareness Month[3]

National Essential Tremor Awareness Month[4]


Jazz Appreciation Month

National Poetry Month

Mathematics Awareness Month[5]

Sexual Assault Awareness Month[6]

Parkinson Awareness Month[7]

Autism Awareness Month

Asperger's Syndrome Awareness Month


Jewish American Heritage month

ALS Awareness Month (United States)

National Bike Month

South Asian Heritage Month

Haitian Heritage Month

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Asthma Awareness Month[9]

National Pet Month

Celiac Awareness Month

National Guide Dog Month

Jewish American Heritage Month

National Foster Care Month


ALS Awareness Month (Canada)

Caribbean American Heritage Month

LGBT Pride Month (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender)


Dance Appreciation Month

National Hotdog Month


National Immunization Awareness Month (USA)


United States Navy personnel celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Guide Dog Month (2010 to present)

National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15)

National Honey Month

National Yoga Month

National Chiari Malformation Awareness Month

National Preparedness Month

National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

National Pomegranate Tootsie Roll Pop Awareness Month


Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Black History Month (UK)

National Book Month

National Work and Family Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National CyberSecurity Awareness Month

National Brain Tumour Awareness Month (CAD)

Filipino American History Month

LGBT History Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

National Spina Bifida Awareness Month -



National American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month

COPD Awareness Month

National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

So speaking of terrorist endorsements. Apparently Al-Qaeda is endorsing McCain?!?

So speaking of terrorist endorsements. Apparently Al-Qaeda is endorsing McCain?!?

Interesting take on the issue, Friendly Stranger but I disagree.

Al-Qaeda has endorsed McCain simply because they know Obama will have a weak foreign aggression policy. Talks with Iran (a "harmless little country") with no pre-conditions ring a bell? So, as a means to have Obama elected what would you, as a terrorist, do?

Simple, you'd publicly announce your support for the candidate you fear most. Knowing Americans as they do, which is to say we're generally uninformed voters, we're more concerned with American Idol & the mall than world events, and we hate being in Iraq. So, being the fat, dumb, and happy Americans that we are, we're naturally gonna proclaim: "Good God! Al-Qaeda supports John McCain??? I hate terrorists, so I'm voting for Obama!!!"

Now we've just enabled those who wish us and our allies harm to run rampant without fear of reprisal from a decidedly weak President...all thanks to ignorant voters who cannot think for themselves.

It has many names: reverse psychology, reverse persuasion or matter what you call it, don't fall for it.

Edit: snicker_bar_boy: if you think Al Qaeda flourished under GOP leadership, you're either woefully misinformed or you're choosing to ignore the truth. Clinton did essentially nothing for 8 years while Al Qaeda increased in strength and in the boldness of picking U.S. targets.

Bush is the 1st President to address the destruction of Al Qaeda...he's made mistakes along the way, and it's tragically cost many lives, but it's more than what any other world leader has done.

Can someone translate this Breast Cancer Awareness paragraph into Italian please?

Can someone translate this Breast Cancer Awareness paragraph into Italian please?

Ricordate il gioco fatto l'anno scorso riguardo al colore del reggiseno che stavate indossando in quel momento? Lo scopo era quello di far accrescere la consapevolezza a proposito del mese di ottobre sulla consapevolezza del cancro al seno. Ha avuto un enorme successo, diversi uomini si sono chiesti per giorni cosa c'entrassero i colori e tutto ciò ha fatto notizia. Il gioco di quest'anno ha a che fare con la vostra borsa, dove la appoggiamo nel momento in cui torniamo a casa, per esempio "mi piace metterla sul divano", "mi piace metterla sul bancone della cucina", "mi piace metterla sul comò"... beh, avete afferrato l'idea. Scrivete semplicemente la risposta sul vostro status senza aggiungere altro, fate copia-incolla di questo messaggio e inoltratelo a tutte le caselle di posta delle vostre amiche di FB. Il gioco del reggiseno ha fatto notizia. Vediamo quanto siamo veramente potenti, noi donne! RICORDATE - NON POSTATE LA VOSTRA RISPOSTA COME REPLICA A QUESTO MESSAGGIO - PUBBLICATELA NEL VOSTRO STATUS!! FATE GIRARE A TUTTI QUELLI CHE CONOSCETE.

Also on this date Thursday, May 1, 2025...