National Salsa Month on May, 2023: Interesting sights Auckland, Wellington?

May, 2023 is National Salsa Month 2023. salsa.jpg is National Salsa Month

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Interesting sights Auckland, Wellington?

I'd agree with everything that has been said so far, particularly in regard to Te Papa. But, check out the NZ Live website to see what is on while you are here.

Some things you might want to check out in the Wellington area are:

Te Whanganui a Tara - Museum of Wellington - early Maori and European settlement in Wellington plus lots of other things on at the Museum

Wellington Writers Work

Wellington Cable Car Museum

Salsa -

Toi Poneke Gallery, Wellington Arts Centre

Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures (Porirua)

In Auckland:

The Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki

The Edge International Arts Season 2009

Auckland Museum

NZ National Maritime Museum

Can you tell me the legal position on cuban nationals who overstay their Visa in th United Kindom?

Can you tell me the legal position on cuban nationals who overstay their Visa in th United Kindom?

Did you leave Cuba with just a PVE?

When you cam on the marriage visa you should have applied for PRE at the Cuban consulate after you came to the UK. Did you apply?

Since you have no legal right to be in the UK the home office will order you to leave.

You can apply for asylum but you'll be refused unless you can prove you fear for your life. You can try and make a humans rights application but you have to prove that you face inhumane treatment. You cant prove either of those if Cuba won't allow you entry (you can't fear persecution in a country that you can't enter).

If you make either of those applications you'll be refused.

You get a letter from the home office telling you to leave and the case worker who deals with your case will tell you to apply to the Cuban consulate for a re-entry permit/ reatriation. Most likely that'll be refused and then you become "destitute".

Destitute basically means you can't claim benefits or work so you have no way of providing for yourself.

This happens a lot more than the general public realises. A large number failed asylum seekers/ illegal immigrants become destitute because they have on order to leave but their home country refuses to repatriate them. The government has no policies for dealing with this, they still expect you to leave.

Once you have prove that the UK has refused you permission to stay, refusal of permission to work, refusal of any benefits, you can apply for repatriation to Cuba on humanitarian grounds that you're destitute in the UK.

If can prove that all your attempts to apply for repatriation to Cuba have been refused then you may be able to get "discretionary leave".

You should contact the Refugee Council and ask their advice,

Is NOW busy fighting for the life of this Iranian woman?

Is NOW busy fighting for the life of this Iranian woman?

Reality writes: "It's the National Organization for Women, not the International Organization for Women."

NOW participates in a march for peace in the Middle East.

1992 NOW's 25th Anniversary celebration includes a Global Feminist Conference that attracts women leaders from around the world.

Help Eradicate Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is an extremely dangerous, inhumane, and medically unnecessary procedure that affects nearly 170,000 girls and women in the United States, and 140 million around the world.

Also on this date Monday, May 1, 2023...