National Barbeque Month on May, 2024: Where are the best places to have a large family reunion?

May, 2024 is National Barbeque Month 2024. May is National BBQ Month! National BBQ Month at the

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Where are the best places to have a large family reunion?

have a big ole barbeque in a national park. have family members bring the fixings, like cole slaw, potato salad, etc.

What country celebrates a national holiday in July in honor of an 1867 act that unified the nation?

What country celebrates a national holiday in July in honor of an 1867 act that unified the nation?

Formerly known as Dominion Day, Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st each year. Although this day commemorates the beginning of Canada's independence and is celebrated with barbeques and concerts from coast to coast, July 1st has also been the date of many other interesting events in Canadian history.

1867 As the beginning of Canada's independence is begun, John A. MacDonald is sworn in as Canada's first Prime Minister. On this same day, Queen Victoria knighted MacDonald for his role in confederation, making him Sir John A. MacDonald.

1881 A call between St. Stephen, New Brunswick and Calais, Maine becomes the first international telephone call. It is interesting to note that current residents of these two towns (which bank either side of the St.Croix River) consider their communities to be one.

1923 Through the Chinese Immigration Act, the Canadian federal government issues a ban on all Chinese immigration, including any immigrants with Chinese heritage regardless of nationality. The Chinese community refers to it as the Chinese Exclusion Act and because of the date of the Act, the Chinese community begins a boycott of all Dominion Day Activities, referring to the day as Humiliation Day. After discovering the atrocities of the Nazi concentration camps the Act is nullified on July 1st, 1947.

1927 To commemorate Canada's 60th year, Prime Minister Mackenzie King dedicates the Peace Tower carillon which will allow cross-country radio broadcasts.

1958 Canada has its first cross-country television broadcast through the Canadian Broadcast Corporation. Creating the longest television network in the world, it runs from Victoria, British Columbia to Sydney, Nova Scotia. The CBC used microwave technology to broadcast Memo to Champlain and then

1966 The CBC broadcasts its first colour television transmission; the current affairs series Telescope airs a documentary about the Calgary Stampede.

1973 Quebec parliament passes the Moving Day bill, originally introduced by Jrme Choquette. Historically taking place on May 1, the French colonial government created a law to prevent seigneurs, the semi-feudal landlords from evicting their seigneuries, farmer tenants, during the winter months. Changing the bill to July 1st allows the law to prevent landlords from evicting student tenants during the school year.

1980 Canadian students from coast to coast have been singing God Save the Queen every morning. But this year on July 1st, Canada adopts O Canada as its national anthem. Initially commissioned in 1880 for a St. Jean-Baptiste Day ceremony, the song was originally written in French by A.B Routhier. Songwriter Calixa Lavalle set the patriotic poem by the poet Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier to music. Robert Stanley Weir was responsible for the English translation in 1908, which is revised many times before being signed as the official anthem in 1980.

1992 In the presence of the Queen and in celebration of the nation's 125th birthday, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney names many non-political persons to the Privy Council. Some of the more famous names include hockey player Maurice Richard, painter Alex Colville, writer W.O. Mitchell and scientist John Polanyi.

There is much to be said for celebrating Canada's birth on July 1st, but the most interesting facts are the peripheral historical events that have taken place on this date.

San Antonio?

San Antonio?

San Antonio would not be considered hot most winters. The average high in January is in the low 60s, and the average low is around 40. Though the record high for January was in the mid 80s and the record low was 0 degrees, so there is a wide range. Two years ago we had a very cold winter storm with heavy ice, and significant areas of the city without power and most of the roads closed, though this is uncommon. We get snow about every 8 - 10 years. Due to the mild winters Sea World is only closed in January and February, and Six Flags closes from the second week of January through the first week of March. Otherwise there are the Historic sites such as the Alamo, and the other Spanish missions in the San Antonio Missions National Park. There are art and general science and history museums, as well as military museums as there are several military bases in the city. Just north of the city is the Texas Hill Country, which has several smaller communities, each with their own areas to visit, and the wineries in the area have made it the second most popular wine area in the US (after Napa Valley in CA).

In the downtown area the Riverwalk area is the center of activity, and you can see sites such as Ripley' Believe it or Not and the Plaza Wax Museum, also is the Market Square (or El Mercado) area where Mexican crafts, souvenirs and other goods are sold and there are some nice restaurants.

San Antonio usually has some type of festival in the metropolitan area every week, so there would probably be one or two to attend. There are concerts and there are several area theatres which will have plays, including usually one of the Broadway Series at the historic Majestic Theatre.

One of the metropolitan area's best attractions is Schlitterbahn, which has been rated the #1 waterpark in the world, but it would not be available in the winter.

There are usually sporting activities, including the San Antonio Spurs basketball, and San Antonio Rampage Hockey. dependent on when you are in town, there might be one of the football bowl games which are played in the city.

San Antonio is a very large city, which makes it nice to have virtually everything available. The people are friendly and tolerant of each other. The city is very safe for a large city, having been judged the second safest city over 1 million people in the US by the FBI. There are wonderful restaurants, though you may find that some of the food has a different flavor or style here than that to which you are accustomed. For example, people from California often prefer the California style of Mexican foods to the Tex-Mex style common here. If you are from the southeastern US and are used to pork when someone means barbeque, here they mean beef.

The real estate investment sites rating San Antonio as the #1 city for buying homes, as job growth, affordability of homes and the strength of the housing market has remained better than other cities rated at the highest in all categories. So while the housing market all over the US is hurting, San Antonio's housing market was better in 2007 than 2005, and only slightly below 2006. Job growth in the area is at around an 8.5% rate.

Dislikes are basically similar to the likes, in the size. The city increased by 200,000 people from 2000-2007. But from 2007 till this point in 2008 it was estimated on the news at approximately 30,000 people have moved to the city. The city does not have the planning or infrastructure for that level of growth. Traffic in some parts of the city can be slow during high traffic periods due to poor city planning.

EDIT: I would like to make a rational comment about the temperatures in the San Antonio area, since you will get people making some extreme comments about the heat in the summer. While it is true that is can get hot, and at times over 100 degrees, it is rarely hot and humid in San Antonio. When this city is at it's hottest, the humidity is normally low. Our normal afternoon highs in July and August are warm to hot, around 95 degrees with about 40% humidity. If you have spent an significant amount of time during the summer in Phoenix, or Tuscon, it is cool by comparison in San Antonio. If you have had the opportunity to travel to some other countries, where the temps reach 110 - 120 in the afternoon, but you are also in the jungle/rain forest conditions at 90-100% humidity, and can lose 10 pounds walking for 3 miles come to San Antonio. It is really not oppresively hot. But it does pay to wear sun screen as skin cancer is as common here as in California.

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