Arthritis Awareness Month on May, 2024: Black History Month: Are there months for white people?

May, 2024 is Arthritis Awareness Month 2024.

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Black History Month: Are there months for white people?

Yes. They're called commemorative months or Heritage Month. "/

April is National Holocaust Month

May is Jewish American Heritage Month &

Irish-American Heritage Month

June is Greek Heritage Month

July is French-American Heritage Month

September is German-American Heritage Month

October is Italian-American Heritage Month

List of commemorative months


Why is that people complain about Black History Month but dont complain about the other months?

Why is that people complain about Black History Month but dont complain about the other months?

I think it is retarded to have a black history month. Most of those other things you listed are to raise awareness for things like disorders and illnesses.

The jews were treated worse then the blacks more recently and they don't have a holocaust month. Atheists and every religion other than catholics were tortured in the Spanish Inquisition. Do they have a month? White people get the most disadvantages nowadays and we don't have a month.

If you don't believe me go look at the requirements for standardized testing, if you are white you have to score higher on your exam in order to pass. High schools are allowed to have a Minority Student Union, Ebony Club, Black Honor Society. White clubs are not allowed due to racism. White people have a harder time getting on government assistance. I have tourettes and Autism and I am unable to get on government assistance. My disability lawyer even said (in joking) "too bad you are not black, then it would be easier to get you ssi". There is a channel called BET and a magizine called Ebony. Do you see a white magazine or a white only tv channel? They even have their own award shows that only give awards to black actors, singers, etc. They are allowed to call themselves the "N" word without getting in trouble.

Now I expect to get thumbs down. But just ponder this. If my yahoo avater was black would you have thumbed me down for saying these things? probably not.

Has anyone ever gotten over reiter’s syndrome or reactive arthritis completely?

Has anyone ever gotten over reiter's syndrome or reactive arthritis completely?

Typically reiter's syndrome/reactive arthritis should get better over time (within 1-2 years), and in fact if it doesn't you need to see your doctor, as persistent arthritis may be a misdiagnosis for something else (like rheumatoid or seronegative arthritis).

I've seen a few patients (young males mainly) who've done pretty well with no complications. Most did take an antiinflammatory for a couple months but afterwards seemed to settle down without it.

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