National Day of Prayer 2019 is on Wednesday, May 1, 2019: since today is the national day of prayer?


Wednesday, May 1, 2019 is National Day of Prayer 2019.

since today is the national day of prayer?

It is also the National Day of Masturbation.

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National Day of Prayer?

National Day of Prayer?

You don't need a special day to pray, just like you don't need a special day to celebrate your mother, father, life, the earth, or any other day.Its every time you want to do it just out of love.

Is the ’National Day of Prayer’ Constitutional?

Is the 'National Day of Prayer' Constitutional?

This is NOT a law. This was a day set aside for anyone of ANY religion to pray as they will. No one is forced to pray. No one gets in trouble for not praying. All our presidents, up to this one, have asked the nation to have a day of prayer. It was a request bourne out of the knowledge that this country was founded on Christian beliefs. Look to the innaugural address of Washington please if you want to refute this.

This group also stopped a Texas-based police organization from help victims of the Haiti earthquake because there was some "religious overtones" to the organization they were helping. What a disgrace! Men and women wanting to help out and this group targets them. Oh, they will not do the same to Islam. Just as this president failed to have a day of prayer then turned around and brought muslim imams to have a prayer conference, this organization fully supports muslims rights.

THAT is unconstitutional!!! THAT is setting one religion over all others!!! THAT breaches the separation of church and state. Oh and look to see what body in the first 25-50 years of this country it was that printed Bibles to be used as reading primers in schools. Oh yeah, the Congress of the United States. How about that? And these men were closest to the writing of the Constitution, do you not think they would be far better at describing and or setting laws in place for adjudicating what constitutes the separation idea?

Also on this date Wednesday, May 1, 2019...