Keep Kids Alive! Drive 25 Day 2018 is on Tuesday, May 1, 2018: what is a good way to convince my parents to let me drive the car?


Tuesday, May 1, 2018 is Keep Kids Alive! Drive 25 Day 2018. Today Is Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Day Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® - A

what is a good way to convince my parents to let me drive the car???

Well, ask them to take you. Nicely. have one of your friends take you. Take a brush up course with a driving school. Ask your parents to go with you places while you drive. The thing here is that it is very expensive to have accidents. It is also very taxing to know that you are responsible for a person that is under age, and responsible for their actions in a car that you insure. Cars are like weapons. They are dangerous. They love you and want to keep you alive. I will tell you now, as a mom of a teen driver that I would rather have her mad at me and alive than happy with me and dead. Regardless if these were your fault or not, you have to respect your folks' boundaries. What I do with my daughter is that we go through all the different ways that I will feel comfortable and confident with her at the wheel in any situation. If we do not find one she agrees to stay home or find an alternate form of transportation. YES, I have driven way out of my way to places that I would rather have not had to go just to keep her from being an inexperienced driver in a tight spot. WHy not invite your friends to hang at your house? Tell your mom you would be ok with not driving if she orders some pizza and makes some cookies and lets you guys rent some DVD's or something. IF you lay low and let them sit on you for a while they will let up on you sooner. If your friends won't drive you or won't come your way and help you with this they are not worth your time anyway. Be patient with just driving to work or school for right now. If you have a cell call your mom when you leave and when you get there. Tell her you will do whatever it takes to make her feel comfortable when you are driving and do what you are told. You will earn their trust if you do what they say. Trying to talk your way in to trust never works. Another thing I do with my daughter is that if there is somewhere she wants to go often that makes me nervous, I drive the route with her several times, during the day and at night until I know she can do this correctly and safely. Her best friend lives up a very steep and tretcherous winding hill. We drove up and down it about 25 times together with her driving before It let her do it alone. Then she called me at the top when she got there and at the bottom when she came home. Just for your daughter is 18 years old. She is mature enough to understand that even though she is legally an adult, I pay the insurance and my name is on that car so technically I am still liable for her actions behind the wheel. She also knows that I can park that car any time I feel she is not being responsible becuase my name is on the title and it is MY insurance covering her. She also loves me enough to understand that I love her more than anything in the world and I want her to be safe. Being mature is half the battle. Don't whine and do not try to talk turkey to get your way. Take the time to let this even out, and do what it takes to earn their trust. You will live, believe me. Good luck and take it easy! Know that other moms can tell you that your mom LOVES you and wants you SAFE!

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quarter life crisis? 25 and suffering from depression and anxiety...any ideas?

quarter life crisis? 25 and suffering from depression and anxiety...any ideas?

i think your a very smart person and depression is making you think negative about everything that surrounds you. Your only 25 , you are still a baby, come on..and you shouldnt worry about your family in trying to please theirs needs and concerns. you worry about getting yourself better, go to the doctor and get some medication.You also need to change routines. do it slowly theres no rush. and take vitamins. i did and they will help you allot. dont try to change how your family is..always remember that first is you , second is you ad third is you. vitamins and meds are going to help. good luck.

Do you ever wake up and say to yourself: "Thank God I’m alive?"?

Do you ever wake up and say to yourself: "Thank God I'm alive?"?

Nope, I can sometimes think of some "narrow squeaks" I've had over the years and think "whew, that was a close one". But - if you know the expression - a miss is as good as a mile. I dodged the bullet, and the result was the same whether it had missed me by a mile, or just wizzed an inch past my head. So, I got lucky, and I went on truckin'

if a person s tarts getting all caught up in the "what-if" game, he can drive himself nuts. I am laughing to myself as it just came back into my mind a conversation I'd had with an old Marine I knew some years back. Jack was quite a character, walked with a limp from a battle wound, and -speaking of bullets - showed me a few bullet holes he'd sustained, and amazingly survived. But the story that sticks in my mind is the one that had me just rolling about laughing. There had been a pretty hot moment in a battle, during which he was trying to stabilize himself atop a rock, so he could better see his guys, and yell some instructions to them. He was having difficulty getting proper purchase with his feet on the smooth rock, and at one point both his feet slipped sideways, making his legs stretch widely. At precisely the moment this happened, some kind of shell fired in his direction actually zoomed between his spraddled legs, catching his scrotum enough to cause a significant gush of blood. The end result was that he lost one testicle, but escaped death by thiiiiiiiiiiis much, as he said, grinning.

It's the way he told the story that made it impossible not to laugh, and Jack really was the most mentally sound, philosophical, matter-of-fact guy I ever met..

NO, it is not true that there are no atheists in foxholes. Jack wasn't a "believer" in any mysterious invisible superbeing, and he never tried to put his moment of luck down to any "divine intervention". It was, no more, no less, than a fortuitous co-incidence of two things at the same moment... his feet slipping on that rock, and the missile zooming between his legs.

I dashed up on the roof of my apartment one time to r escue my wayward little black cat called Wizard of Oz (ozzie for short) who had jumped for some mysterious reason from our balcony to a neighboring one, and from there to an outside fire escape ladder and up to the roof, and then couldn't g et back down. He'd got himself into a pickle into a part of the roof that could only be reached through a small window, and I had to wriggle through it far enough to be able to hold out my arms to him. Only after he had finally got the confidence to jump to me, and I had pulled him to safety, did I realise how far out I had leaned, and how close I had come to that 7 storey drop. I think of that to this day, 25 years later.

Like Jack, no, I do not think that there was some "divine intervention" (by the way, in the U.S. black cats are supposed to be unlucky LOL). I just managed by "thiiiiiis much" to keep my scale of balance on the right side, and Ozzie and I both survived the ordeal to go on and have a happy life together until it was his time to go.

That is the way life is, we get lucky, we get unlucky, sometimes the bad luck is the ultimate bad luck. There are no rules, and I don't dwell on how I survived this or that event. I just know that what didn't kill me, most certainly made me smarter, lol, and I don't take reckless chances any more. I am content to just live quietly now in my later years, and enjoy each day as it comes.

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