Global Love Day 2019 is on Wednesday, May 1, 2019: Happy Global Love Day 2008!?


Wednesday, May 1, 2019 is Global Love Day 2019.

Happy Global Love Day 2008!?

Happy Global Love Day to you too, my friend.

I did not know it was GLD, but I actually had a great day, today. People were nice everywhere I went, and I was in the best of moods and really happy, still am. I guess, somehow, the love spreads! Let's keep it up, shall we? Maybe we will make a difference for someone out there.

It sure made a difference to me, for one, not to have to deal with grumpy, impatient and rude people.

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Should June 25th become a Global holiday remembering Michael Jackson?

Should June 25th become a Global holiday remembering Michael Jackson?

U PORE THING!and yes there should b im gonna put notes all around my room reminding me to celebrate that day!i declare on that day that,people have to listen to the thriller song 4 times that day and do the thriller dance!and go online and post all over the internet ITS MICHEAL JACKSON DAY!lol roflisff but seriosly im gonna listen to the thriller all day and post all over the internet and put notes remindind me oh and i no its hard for u it was hard for all of us it will b for a couple days but it will pass over people will move on i mean people wont totally forget him they will just u no not be thinking about to much im still shocked to dont worry he rests in peace

Quick question on Global Warming?

Quick question on Global Warming?

Nobody denies global warming, it is self evident that the world has been warming since the end of the little ice age. What is in dispute is Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, i.e. that the main driver of global warming is industrialised man as opposed to natural variation and that the current warming is catastrophic, i.e. will lead to irreversible changes that will either make the world uninhabitable or cause unprecedented upheaval the likes of which has not been seen since the Flood of Noah's time.

The 'science' behind global warming is not false in the sense of being an outright lie. The problem is that climate science has the same level of knowledge and understanding that medical science did in the seventeenth century, more supposition and, it should be said, superstition than fact. In other words it is a hypothesis, more importantly one which has produced very few near term predictions and of which none have been physically observed.

It should be remembered that the leading scientists in this area are first and foremost environmentalists, certain that industrial man is the root of all our modern day evils this strongly casts doubt on their objectivity as clearly shown by the climategate emails and even more so by the 'Harry.readme' file. It is also evident in the way every climate scare predicts doom and disaster, not one predicts any beneficial effect even though it is well known that an average global temperature two to three degrees higher than now would actually be the optimum for human health. That little fact in itself is telling. While some may believe God created man only 4,000 years ago science says man prototypes came into existence around 4.5 million years ago and that modern man has been around for 150 - 200,000 years. All species evolve to accommodate to the average environmental circumstances, if the evolve too slowly or dramatic environmental change is too sudden they die out. Think about that point. It is obvious to anyone who does follow the science that most of climate science is based on the assumption that CAGW is valid and exists and research is pitched not to prove or quantify the theory but to quantify the effects. In other words the old 'the science is settled' crap.

The worst thing about CAGW is that everyone above the level of the man in the street is a winner, even big oil. These people are no longer just big oil, they are big solar, big wind, big tide, big 'give me subsidies', big 'let's create artificial shortages so we can make a killing businesses'.

Government loves CAGW because it gives them legitimacy to tax and regulate and to posture on the international stage as they 'save the world'. organisations like the EU and the UN love it because it allows them to accumulate trans-national power, environmental organisations love it because it gives them undreamed of influence and undreamed of incomes, universities and scientists love it because it generates huge grants and employment, just as long as it supports CAGW or more government. And they don't even have to lie, just sprinkle enough coulds, mights, potentiallys and maybes around. And as long as you hide your data and code no one can contradict you, especially if you get your pals rather than your peers to review your work

The media loves it because they can spew 'Oh my God! we're all gonna die! and 'Oh my God! we're killing our grandchildren!' headlines that sell, sell, sell. People like Al Gore love it because it makes them richer than they ever dreamed, and allows them to buy ocean-side mansions at knock down prices because they convinced everyone else they would soon be inundated.

That is why it is so hard for any degree of common sense to take hold, for the inconvenient truths that however much the West reduces CO2 the BRICS countries will add many times that reduction, that to achieve the cuts claimed to be needed can only be achieved by de-industrialisation to the level of the mid nineteenth century, that the costs involved would impoverish entire populations for generations to be admitted. And that's why big oil et al don't take it on in court.

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