Stepmother's Day 2019 is on Wednesday, May 1, 2019: Will my ticket show up on my stepmother's car?


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Will my ticket show up on my stepmother’s car?

You can pull your DMV record, either by visiting a branch and paying a small fee (maybe $5-$10) or possibly online through the DMV's website, also for a fee.

If the ticket does still appear, it will be on your record, not your stepmother's; violations follow your drivers license number.

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What the hell is my stepmother’s problem?

What the hell is my stepmother's problem?

If your father is willing to let himself be p whipped in this situation and take the feelings of his girlfriend over the needs and wants of his own child, then I wouldn't say much about your father.

When you say your step mom won't let you communicate with your sister, I think you are giving this woman too much power.

How can a person who isn't your blood dictate who you talk to?

Your father is the one who, ultimately , has the problem.

Let him read this.

It'll only enlighten him to the things he's doing and let him know that others do suffer from the selfish choices of parents.

Good luck and bless you.

I hope your dad chooses you.

This doesn't make any sense.

You can and will, speak to whomever you please.

If you give this woman power, then who's the fool?

I'm not calling you a fool , I'm just telling you not to take any shit.

I'd be really pissed off at your dad.

I remember when I was 12 years old and my ma decided to leave my father( for good reasons), I would go over to my moms for lunch and see the boyfriend getting served first. He was the son my mom never had.

He'd get all the attention from mom and I'm and only child!

It's still the same to this day wherein mom won't give me the keys to her house because "he's half owner."

She had basically put all her attention in a guy and ignored the needs of her kid.

Your dad is doing the same.

I'd havea talk with dad and tell him what's going on.

She shouldnt have priority, and yet she does 'cause dads getting the attention from her the previous woman didn't give.

your dad is being a prick by putting p-ssy ahead of his children.

I'd have a little talk with with the woman too.

It doesn't matter whether she likes you or not. She's the one who should be making compromises.

Your father is the one who decides whether or not to house his child for helpful reasons and she shouldn't have a damn word to say about it.

If your dad decides to chose her feelings over those of his own flesh and blood because his bitch doesn't like it, well so much for him.

My husband and I live on his father and stepmother’s property and they treat us more like tenants

My husband and I live on his father and stepmother's property and they treat us more like tenants than family

In the sense of a landlord / renter, it's normal, because business is business. But if that carries over into your family affairs, no it's not normal.

My son and his family rent a house from me, so when it comes to house-related discussions, we are landlord and tenant. But when it comes to family, I spoil them all rotten and we spend a lot of time together doing family things like b-day parties, bbq'ing, watching movies and just bs'ing.

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