Silver Star Day 2019 is on Wednesday, May 1, 2019: How long does the Amtrak Silver Star stop in Washington DC for?


Wednesday, May 1, 2019 is Silver Star Day 2019. Silver-Star-Banner-Day.jpg May 1st, 2012 is Silver Star

How long does the Amtrak Silver Star stop in Washington DC for?

I disagree with the first answer. Most trains have a scheduled 20 to 30 minute stop in DC, but the Silver Star schedule does not even indicate that there is a different arrival and departure time scheduled for Washington, DC. Therefore there does not appear to be ample time to get out here to do any looking, unless the train arrives very ahead of schedule and can't depart. However, often times when you book the ticket, Amtrak will also offer you a train connection instead of a direct train. By leaving earlier, you may pay more, less, or the same money (depending on seat availability) as the direct route, but you may also gain some critical time enough for that DC lunch layover, in either direction. Some travelers do this for sightseeing and some do it to save money on certain routes where such a layover/transfer is incentivized by Amtrak due to supply and demand.

You should only be allowed to deboard and reboard a scheduled train if the conductors deem there is enough time to do so. Hang on to your ticket! However, there does not appear to be any buffer time in the Silver Star's schedule at DC, and any crew may reduce the down time that you have availabile if a train is running behind schedule and they need to make up some of that time. You should also know that DC Amtrak station has a "5 minute rule" which requires all passengers to be reboarded 5 minutes before scheduled departure, after which time the gates close and you may have no access to the platform - even though the train you are trying to connect with may not have even pulled off yet!

Please also know that DC offers a plethora of food court options downstairs from the train station, as well as a convenient Au Bon Pain at track level. However, my experience with the restuarants upstairs and down is that they are too crowded at many times of the day, and that you might avoid waitress service and opt instead for some food court tables or even take-out.

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i need ideas for a rock star B-day

i need ideas for a rock star B-day party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I just threw my older brother a rock star birthday. He is the definition of a rock star. i have a couple of ideas if your interested:


1) get a pack of cheap CDs. Spray paint the non reflective side purple green or black and hang them with clear fishing wire.

2) matching cups plates table clothes etc really make a difference.

3) go to goodwill and find as many purple and green containers as possible. fill them with different candy's

4) party stores often have rock star themed parry supplies.

5) have everyone dress up like a rock star

6) cardboard stand ups for pics

7) get funky rope lights (kinda like christmas lights) as if at a concert

8) theme colored streamers and balloons

9) wrap boxes in black wrapping paper and silver paint pen to look like Equipment. ex. amps.

10) rock star banner (girls can sign)

Food/ Drinks

1) rock star punch (green sherbet and ginger ale or sprite)

2) rockin rolls (dinner rolls)

3) (i wanna) bar be que all night

4) rockers ice (ice cream)

5) pop stars (pop rocks)

you get it. just name all the foods with cool rock star names. have them layed out on a table with a card next to it saying what they are.

If you need help getting anything else together feel free to email me at i hope i helped a little.

Also on this date Wednesday, May 1, 2019...