Lei Day 2018 is on Tuesday, May 1, 2018: is Mar 5th still ''Learn from Lei Feng Day'' in China now?


Tuesday, May 1, 2018 is Lei Day 2018.

Lei Day

The most typical festivities on Lei Day are hula, lei making demos and contests, and also the crowning from the Lei Full and her court. What better method to celebrate Lei Day compared to booking a vacation to certainly one of Hawaii’s many resorts!Each island features its own Lei, traditional to every created using flowers, fruit and vines available on that island. Hawaii’s Lei may be the Lehua, produced from blossoms of ‘Ohi’, a Lehua tree which develops around the slopes from the Volcano.Formally designed a vacation in 1929, and continues up to now. The record for that world’s longest Lei was set in the 81st celebration of Lei Day in 2008. Unofficially the Lei measured greater than a mile long.

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is Mar 5th still ’’Learn from Lei Feng Day’’ in China now?

"To live is to serve the people. Live to make others happy." -- Lei Feng

Lei Feng has been a Chinese national hero and icon for nearly 50 years. Lei Feng was an ordinary person who lived an exemplary life. The enthusiasm and spirit of Lei Feng was held up as an example to the nation by Chairman Mao. "Learn from Lei Feng".

As China continues to modernize and reform its economic, political, and social systems, the nation should never lose sight of Lei Feng's legacy and the revolutionary spirit that he stood for. Lei Feng believed that people always come first. Compare that to American and European society where money is always first.

As China grows in power and influence across the globe, it should remember the kindness and selflessness that Lei Feng embodied. Now more than ever, the world needs to learn from Lei Feng.

I am inspired by your question and will email information about Lei Feng to U.S. President Obama. I think that Obama and the miscreants in Washington need to "Learn from Lei Feng" more than anyone.

@ Craftylass -- As usual, your lack of insight regarding China is stunning for someone who claims to live here. I urge you to interact with your Chinese neighbors more, rather than allowing yourself to be brainwashed by Oprah Winfrey, Charlie Sheen, and CNN.

What is LAY DAY?

What is LAY DAY?

I believe you have an incorrect spelling. In Hawaii May 1st is often called Lei Day. Its like May Day with a local twist. You know leis...the garlands of flowers worn by Hawaiians.

how many words can you spell with the word : Valentines Day?

how many words can you spell with the word : Valentines Day?

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