Amtrak Day 2019 is on Wednesday, May 1, 2019: Riding Amtrak in a few days?


Wednesday, May 1, 2019 is Amtrak Day 2019.

Riding Amtrak in a few days?

My personal opinion is that you're risking not being able to take your 30" case onboard. While Amtrak is usually very accommodating, they also tend to strictly abide by the guidelines for a host of reasons. It may not be a problem as you were told, but you never really know until you try. If if were me, I would probably try to get a case that falls within the guidelines to prevent any problems on the day of travel. Good luck to you.

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What are the cheaper days to travel by amtrak?

What are the cheaper days to travel by amtrak?

There is not so much of a thing of "cheaper days" per se for Amtrak for the ability to book travel days to save money.

You would need to book well in advance of your trip to start seeing the savings, much like how it is with airline and bus travel. The further in advance that you are able to book your trip, the cheaper the tickets will be.

Amtrak does indeed offer discounts for AAA. The AAA discount is 10% and is factored in after you select your trip start and end points and the date/time as well, but before the "check out".

There are other discounts that may apply here as well that Amtrak offers, such as discounts for students, children, active duty military, and veterans.

There is also a section on the website called "deals" that has offers of savings for particular trips and booking date ranges. On top of that, if you travel on Amtrak enough, their Guest Rewards program would be something worth looking into, as you build up points much in the same fashion as "Skymiles" type programs that airlines run, where frequent travelers are rewarded with discounts, upgrades and other perks for their travels.

I have ridden on Amtrak on the Empire Builder, and it is most definitely worth it, espeically being able to view Glacier National Park in Montana from a dome car.

I personally prefer to take the bus or a train over flying myself (fear of flying stemming from a landing that resulted in the aircraft being written off from the damage done to it).

There is a certain comfort that comes only from being able to sit back and watch the scenery go by at just a few feet off of the ground, while the car slowly rocks you back and forth and lulls you into a gentle sleep.

Do Amtrak services run on Independence day?

Do Amtrak services run on Independence day?

Yes, Amtrak runs on Independence Day...why wouldn't they? While it is government owned, it's an essential mode of transportation - like the airlines, it'll still run on holidays.

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