Youth Leadership Month on February, 2025: national youth leadership forum on medicine?

February, 2025 is Youth Leadership Month 2025. Outward Bound Adventures‎ Outward Bound's life-changing adventures starting at $1200/week.

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national youth leadership forum on medicine?

Encounters with Canada is an excellant oppurtunity and you should definitely attend, several of my friends have attended and enjoyed it. As well I will be attending in a couple of months, I am sure you will have lots of fun.

go to their website they have lots of alumni testimonies at:

as well they have a facebook group that you can check out

Help with youth group lock in?

Help with youth group lock in?

Awesome! It sounds like fun!

I would say one thing, though: the simpler = the better. I don't know how many people are in your youth group, but chaos shouldn't be one of them.

Have a corner dedicated to some fun board games. Apples to Apples, Clue, Chess, and any others that are fun.

Organize a game every hour or so. I suggest maybe Manhunt, Marco Polo, or even a costume contest. What would be fun is to have a dance battle, or a rap battle, or even a lip sync competition.

Have fun! :D


Why are right wingers such as Sen. Warner distancing themselves from Dubya?

Why are right wingers such as Sen. Warner distancing themselves from Dubya?

Like rats deserting a sinking ship, politicians don't want to be aligned with Bush due to what's going to happen in the next few months:

1. The Iraqi 'war' will continue to go badly for the President because it was unconstitutional, illegal, unjustified, and immoral - something that most Americans are finally beginning to recognize;

2. Things at home will continue to go just as badly while Bush completely ignores the plight of America's youth, unemployed, underprivileged, disadvantaged, hungry, elderly, disabled, sick, under educated, and homeless;

3. World events are also beginning to plague Bush as he continues to avoid important issues such as global warming; the delicate ecological balance between all men, plants and animals; environmental concerns; the depletion of the ozone layer; deforestation of rain forests and mangrove forests; bungled handling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster and a laissez-faire attitude toward events such as the genocide in Darfur;

4. By October or November, more than two million American homeowners will be in danger of losing their homes because they have been unable to make the monthly mortgage payments;

5. Shortly after Bush leave office, the U.S.A. will suffer an economic depression of gargantuan proportions, making October, 1929 look like a church picnic in comparison;

6. Bush will probably 'declare war' on Iraq within the next year, and for the very same immoral reasons he attacked Iraq: OIL and WAR PROFITEERING;

7. As more people question the veracity of the 9-11 Commission's sanitized report, it's possible that the 'truth' might emerge about how our own government participated in - or, at least, knew about - the plans to destroy the Twin Towers;

8. While Bush has put American taxpayers TRILLIONS of dollars in debt (mostly to China) for an insane, unethical 'war' against a nation that in no way threatened, provoked or attacked the United States, he has cut basic pay and benefits for the very soldiers he puts in harm's way;

9. The U.S. is building the largest embassy in the world on a 104-acre site in downtown Baghdad overlooking the 'new' Iraqi puppet government installed by the Bush administration, which is concrete evidence that the U.S.A. intends to maintain a presence in Iraq for decades, maybe even generations, until we've sucked every drop of OIL out of that country's sands;

10. Halliburton is building fourteen (yes - 14!) permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq - another reason to believe that the U.S. government expects our troops to be there for a long, long time;

11. People are about to become enraged as more details emerge about how the Carlyle Group and Halliburton have become two of the federal government's top contractors and have made BILLIONS in obscene profits from this 'war'. BOTH corporations have direct ties to the Bush-Cheney White House....and - here's the kicker: Halliburton is relocating its corporate headquarters to the Cayman Islands to avoid paying federal taxes on all the billions it has raked in from U.S. taxpayers;

12. There's still more revelations to come about how Bush wanted to attack Iraq from the very first day he was in office so that he could 'settle the score' over a personal vendetta the Bush family had against Saddam Hussein ever since Desert Storm when George H.W. Bush was criticized, ridiculed and humiliated for "not finishing the job" and ousting Hussein at that time;

13. It's still possible that someone (perhaps Germany) will stage an international tribunal and accuse Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and other administration 'big shots' of high crimes against humanity. Such indictments could also be handed down to the 535 members of an arrogant, wicked, greedy, incompetent, contemptible, cowardly, corrupt Republican-led U.S. Congress that stood by and allowed Bush to run rip shod over our Constitution, the UN Charter, and the rules of the Geneva Convention. It's also possible that all 535 members of an arrogant, wicked, greedy, incompetent, contemptible, cowardly, corrupt Democratic-led U.S. Congress could be held accountable for the same high crimes against humanity as it allowed this horrific 'war' to continue even though they were elected mostly because of their promises to stop this dullardly 'war'.

That's a 'baker's dozen' of reasons why right wingers such as John Warner are distancing themselves from save their own political skins. -RKO- 08/24/07

Also on this date Saturday, February 1, 2025...