Cherry Month on February, 2025: 10 months old dog had eye cherry for 7 months ?

February, 2025 is Cherry Month 2025. cherries National Cherry Month and

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Cherry Month

George Washington might have cut lower the cherry tree, but Cherry Month is here now to develop the standard cherry, to celebrate its delectable deliciousness, and also to make all possible types of edible cherry delights.Since ancient occasions, cherries happen to be loved for his or her tasty, flavor as well as their anti-inflammatory and discomfort-relief qualities.Because it works out, recent research increases the cherry’s resume highlights to incorporate anti-oxidant, and cardiovascular disease and cancer fighting qualities. Cherries happen to be elevated towards the super-fruit category, and Cherry Month includes appropriate super occasions. Many people celebrate cherries inside a gigantic way, like individuals in Oliver, BC who made their distance to the Guinness Book of World Records in 1990 having a 20-feet-diameter cherry cake weighing nearly 38,000 pounds. Do not have a cake-plate that large? Take it easy – pit-spitting and cake-eating will also be contested hotly by cherry-loving merry-makers throughout Cherry Month.

10 months old dog had eye cherry for 7 months ?

Well if you're really worried then consult another vet...but from what i've researched...

Surgery is the usual treatment. Older methods of cherry eye correction (before the gland's purpose was known) involved simply removing the gland, but this is a last-resort procedure today, and necessitates the use of eyedrops for the rest of the animal's life. Modern methods of cherry eye correction involve repositioning of the gland to its normal location. The success rate of this type of surgery is around 80% in most breeds.

Plus cherry eye is NOT painful..but if it lasts long then it can irritate the dog's tear gland which can lead to infections...but if your vet is not worried...then i consider surgery, which im sure you have.

good luck

Cherry Shrimp losing color?

Cherry Shrimp losing color?

Cherry shrimp are a selection of the original wild Neocaridina heteropoda that were picked generation after generation for red and eventually called "var. red or cherry shrimp". Each generation that you don't continue this selection process will revert back closer to the wild form. You have to have several tanks to maintain the red color. Pick out the reddest individuals and put them into your "A" tank. If you have lots of tanks, you may notice individuals who are more yellow, orange, snow white, or blue. You can separate those the same way and begin developing those colors. Others have already done it, but it will not take many shrimp generations to catch up with them, or nearly so.

Because these shrimp are usually bred in a group rather than pairs, they normally don't run into inbreeding problems, but you can outcross them once in a while to diversify their gene pool. This may make it possible to increase the red even more. Some have taken this so far that their reddest shrimp are so dark red as to appear almost black.

how many cherry tomato are produced in a plant per month?

how many cherry tomato are produced in a plant per month?

All tomato plants produce different size yields. Cherry tomatoes yield the highest of all tomatoes IMO. During the Summer or hot months when the plants are mature I get about 40-60 cherry tomatoes a month off good tomato strains. I really like growing sungold strain it produces the best tasting tomatoes I have ever had, but it also produces about 60 tomatoes a month if you fertilize it right and add compost and good nutrients like seaweed, fish meal, etc. Here is a link to show you all of the amazing reviews sungold has received. People all over are know calling it the best tasting tomato out there.

Also on this date Saturday, February 1, 2025...