From Africa to Virginia Month on February, 2025: any south africans living in virginia?

February, 2025 is From Africa to Virginia Month 2025. JmstwnHstrc_girlsRun2.jpg JmstwnHstrc_girlsRun2.jpg

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any south africans living in virginia?

I'm South African and live in Korea. Sorry!

But if you really wanna talk to some South Africans, why don't you go to the South African category under "Travel"? We are lots there and support each other daily. And we are from all over the world. Maybe then you can meet somebody.

The South Africans in that category are a good bunch of friends and would love to hear from you. We laugh, joke, fight and have a merry ol' time every single day. So post something there.

Hoop jy kom maak n draai!

Did Canada ever have blk slaves? what about England?

Did Canada ever have blk slaves? what about England?

King Louis XIV formally authorized slavery in 1709, when he permitted his Canadian subjects to own slaves, "in full proprietorship."

By the middle of the eighteenth century British ships were carrying about 50,000 slaves a year. Royal Navy sailors said that they could smell the stench of a ship carrying slaves anything up to 10 miles downwind. The slavers sailed from Africa across the Atlantic. Any slaves who had managed to survive the journey were taken to shore and were sold to plantation owners in the West Indies, the southern colonies of America (Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia) where they spent the rest of their lives working to produce goods like cotton, tobacco, sugar cane and coffee.

Black History Month starts today! Black History Month is celebrated in February in the United States and Canada. During Black History Month 2010, there are various events to educate and inspire. Black History Month 2010 is an opportunity to learn more about American history.

Black History Month is celebrated in the United Kingdom in October.

Is Busch Gardens Williamsburg Open in January?

Is Busch Gardens Williamsburg Open in January?

Busch Gardens Europe and many other regional theme parks are closed during the winter months, which will include January. However, the Busch Gardens Africa in Tampa, Florida is open year-round, due to the heavy tourism in Florida and the state's warm climate.

Busch Gardens is open for their holiday program during December, and will close as soon as the holidays are over. The park MAY be open the first week of January, right after New Year's, while the local schoolkids are on their winter break. However, looking at the calendar, it shows the park being closed after Dec 27th, and closed for New Year's Eve, and New Years day. Many parks are open for the New Year's holiday, and then close for the season until March or later.

Your best bet is to give the park a call before planning and confirming your trip. There is a high chance of the park being closed.

Also on this date Saturday, February 1, 2025...