National Pet Dental Health Month on February, 2025: Just wanted to share with you all?

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Just wanted to share with you all....?

thank you for loving animals I wish more people did. I'm at my limit and cannot provide for more. 5 cats, 2 dogs 3cats were rescue and both dogs were rescue.

weekly topics for daycare?

weekly topics for daycare?

I use "themes" in my class as a way to help the children connect skills we work on with their environment and what's going on around them. I would suggest starting with things that are concrete and personally relevant (self-concept related topics like all about me, names, the senses and familiar ideas like family, friends, homes) and gradually working towards more abstract ones. I try to make sure that if a theme is more abstract, it is something that the children are very interested in, like dinosaurs and/or relates to the season or time of year (transportation between Thanksgiving and Christmas when families are doing a lot of travel, pumpkins during fall, just before halloween, polar animals in the winter, construction and building around Father's Day). Children absorb information better and are more interested when it is relevant to them. You need topics that are neither too broad nor too specific. Too specific and it's hard to come up with ideas, too broad and there's too much to fit into one week of learning activities. Here is the schedule I came up with for my class (Keep in mind that the theme we learn about is just one aspect of our curriculum, so there is more than just "coming up with a theme". Math, literacy, motor skills, social skills, etc. are our main focus and are weaved throughout all the activities we do) I've included in parentheses the connection for some of the themes that may be unclear:



All About Me

My Five Senses

Fall Season and Harvest



Fire Safety and Prevention (October is National Fire Prevention Month. During this time we also focus on emergencies, other emergency workers like police and EMTs, 9-1-1, etc.).





Friends and Friendship


Houses and Homes



Transportation and Things That Go

Winter Season

Polar Animals

Holiday Celebrations

New Year’s Around the World



Animals in Winter

Kindness and Getting Along With Others (Martin Luther King Day is in January)

Community Helpers


Opposites, Light and Shadows (Groundhog Day is February 2nd)

Valentine’s Day

Dental Health (February is National Children's Dental Health Month)



Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss and Celebrating Reading (March is National Reading Month, with March 2nd, Dr. Seuss's birthday being Read Across America Day)


Spring Season

Health and Nutrition (March is National Nutrition Month)

Baby Animals


Flowers, Plants, and Trees

Caterpillars and Butterflies

Our Earth and Taking Care of the Environment (Earth Day is April 22)

Fairy Tales



Down on the Farm

The Zoo

Pond Animals



Buildings and Construction (Father's Day is the third Sunday in June)


These topics, I've found, are easy to develop ideas for, but aren't so broad that it's hard to find a focus. Some teachers also include Colors and Shapes as themes. I haven't because colors, shapes, numbers, letters, etc. are things that we incorporate every day, but for very young children (toddlers rather than preschool or pre-k) it might be beneficial to build a whole theme around them as a way to introduce them.

Best of luck!

How much does it cost to adopt a dog at the edmonton humane society?

How much does it cost to adopt a dog at the edmonton humane society?

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Calgary Animal Services Centre at 2201 Portland Street SE


Included in the $200.00 dog adoption fee:

The dog is:

Spay / neuter surgery

A microchip implant

A six-month animal licence

The first set of vaccinations (excluding rabies)

De-worming for cats and puppies under six months

Testing for feline leukemia (cats only)

A health check by a veterinarian

A bag of pet food


Considering the spay/neuter, vacinations, etc $150 is very reasonable considering if you adopted privately you would be paying that amount several times over.

There are several rescue organizations in and around Calgary where you can adopt a dog. Here are just a few:

Animal Rescue Foundation

Calgary Humane Society

Cost to Adopt: Dogs

Adult Dogs $195

Dogs 7 years and older $155

Puppies under 7 months $400 - this fee includes your registration in Pup Camp, a six-week program. Look under "Obedience Classes" on this site for more information on Pup Camp.

There's a reduced rate if you adopt two dogs.


First vaccine

first deworming treatment

health exam at the Shelter

complimentary health exam certificate at a participating veterinary clinic


registration on PetLynx a national pet identification and recovery service

information on how to care for your adopted dog

spay/neuter surgery and tattoo

optional complimentary pet insurance for 6-8weeks after adoption

help with questions on the adopted animal through our behaviour helpline

low-cost obedience classes

free six-month dog licence (Calgary area only).

Actual Value Received = $555

Adoption fee may also include surgery or treatment that is mandatory for the animal's good health, ie: mandatory dental work.

Additional Value Received = up to $350

There are also shelter and rescue organziations in neighbouring towns like Red Deet, Sylvan Lake, Olds, etc.

If you are willing to spent $150 to purchase a dog privately then spending a few more dollars to adopt which includes so much of which you would need to spend on anyway is definately worth it.

There are also many groups which only have certain breeds they rescue. You can check them out here:


Hopefully this has been of help.

Good Luck

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