Grapefruit Month on February, 2025: 50 Pounds in 4-5 Months?

February, 2025 is Grapefruit Month 2025.

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50 Pounds in 4-5 Months?

Grapefruit is proven to help weight loss... Eat one before breakfast and one at night.. But u might need to add some sugar to it, but don't use normal sugar use the natural fruit sugar. I have also been told by loads of people to drink green tea as that also helps weight loss. Hope this helps xxx

Buspirone and grapefruit juice?

Buspirone and grapefruit juice?

Hi Red Diamond.

As you know, Buspirone hydrochloride interacts with grapefruit juice by increasing the level of the drug in your blood.

Unfortunately, you haven't mentioned the dose you have been taken or the frequency and for how long, so it's difficult to give a definitive answer. However, as you haven't taken this drug for two months now, the Buspirone should be out of your system and you are most likely able to drink this fruit juice without concern, although it may be prudent to start with a small glass and gradually increase the input if you do not suffer any effects, which by now, you really shouldn't.

The easiest and simplest way to get a definitive answer is to speak with the pharmacist in your local chemist and outline the relevant details in full. The pharmacist will be able to give you an immediate answer and is equally valid and quicker route, than arranging to seeking a reply from your doctor. This will also put your mind completely at rest.

Take care.

Triming an 20ft grapefruit tree?

Triming an 20ft grapefruit tree?

Good Morning John,

I just got back from my morning walk at Venice Beach. I am sorry but I like to share with others.

I saw your question last night but I wanted to actually measure my Grapefruit Tree before I typed out my answer. My tree is 14 feet high. Pruning helps produce fruit for next year. I have been a gardener for sixty (60) years. I have nine (9) rare fruit trees. I have never lost a fruit tree EXCEPT from pruning. Pruning is very dangerous, and it is critical you do it right. Timing is everything. Improper pruning will reduce yield, fruit quality, and can kill any tree from insects, mildew or fungus.

Through the years, I lost my favorite Babcock Peach Tree, a Nectarine Tree, and a very sweet Santa Rosa Plum Tree from improper pruning. My Babcock Peaches were so sweet. The whole house would smell like peaches. My co-workers and neighbors could not wait each year to bite into one of those huge peaches. Therefore, I got serious and learned how to prune each type of tree many years ago. A gardener puts in too many years to destroy a good mature tree because of improper pruning.

Prune your grapefruit tree every two or three years between March and July. NEVER prune when the tree has large amounts of mature fruit. The sweet smell from the pruning cuts will draw insects for miles. That is what happen to me. I would wait until next March before pruning your tree.

Prune all shoots at the bottom that are growing downward. Prune all dead and pest infected branches. Do not prune over 25% of the branches.

In the middle, prune all crisscrossed branches, all dead, and pest infested branches. Cut diagonally. This lets moisture drain from the cut. It also prevents tree rot and fungus. Make sure the middle is open to allow sunlight and air to reach all the leaves.

Prune the top/canopy and manicure the sides. Too much canopy will again block sunlight from the middle branches. When you are finish, sunlight should be able to penetrate throughout the tree from top to bottom leaves, limbs, and branches. I have always noticed the more light and air, the better. This is also called “open air. I pruned my tree last year around March 1st. I pruned off about three (3) feet off the top. You will see new grow within a month after pruning. Again, sunlight on inner branches is the key. My grapefruit tree is healthy, green, and loaded with grapefruits again this year. It is okay to take off three (3) feet.

Now that this is said, I do not like my grapefruit tree. My tree is 15 years old. A person can only drink so much juice. I do not have enough friends, relatives, or homeless to give away all these grapefruits. From the look on their faces, I think they are tired of looking at me with these bags of grapefruits in hand. The tree produces, I am not lying, at least a thousand grapefruits each year. I give away a hundred or more grapefruits to the nursing home down the street. This year looks like the same. The hummingbirds starting having a big time party earlier from all the blooms. The bees were again out in force. I must admit, the back yard does smell beautiful. It is just too many grapefruits.

Sorry about my hit (smile) on grapefruits. They make a beautiful shade tree, and they are very good for you. That is the reason I planted it in the first place. You have a great week. Peace, from Los Angeles.

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