National Parent Leadership Month on February, 2025: Has anyone ever attended the NSLC (national student leadership conference)?

February, 2025 is National Parent Leadership Month 2025. Child Welfare League of America: Practice Areas: Parenting ... National Parent Leadership

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Has anyone ever attended the NSLC (national student leadership conference)?

Hey! Yes I have been to it! I went last summer and it was the 10 best days of my life!!! As far as it being that exclusive, well, its not THAT exclusive, you do have to be invited, and no not everyone gets invited (its like everyone who mantains above a 3.0 gpa OR gets nominated by a teacher, or someone else who has gone gets invited) so not everyone gets invited, but there are a lot who do.

Haha I have answered these questions a BILLION times (since I asked them ALL last year before I went and no one gave me a good answer, so that is why I answer everyone's questions I can now) so please check out the answers I gave other people, cause I don't do Copy n Paste so my answers for everyone are a little different, and something I may mention to you, I might not have to someone else and vise versa.

As far as it being good for applying toward college, that seems to be everyone's question, and like I told everyone else...Yes it makes a differnece, but not a BIG difference...example: College must choose between you and someone else, you have the same grades, GPA, community involvement, ect, but you have attended the NSLC and they haven't, then yes, it will probobly make a difference, HOWEVER if the senario is you and someone else and he/she has better grades, community involvement, ect, then no it probobly will not make that big a difference. However, it is good for other reasons. One thing is it gives you a taste of that major ( I did the Buisness program for example). If you do the NSLC, you may discover (like I did) that the major you THOUGHT you wanted to major in, is not all you thought it would be, and you don't want to major in it, it was much better to spend the $3,000 to go to the NSLC and figure that out than to go to college, spend a TON more time and money, and THEN figure out thats not what you want to do. Also, going to the NSLC gives you a taste of the Dorm life...I happened to LOVE it, and now I am SURE I want to stay in dorms in college. ALSO, the NSLC gave me a taste of college life (like if I could handle going to college out of state, away from my parents...and I found out I could...and I loved it).

Apart from all these educational aspects I just like to say....

THE NSLC IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the most AMAZING roomate (who across the country, and 8 months later I still keep in touch with) awesome group leaders, awesome classes (yeh, they were classes, but they were fun) awesome dorm life (sleepovers with your roomate, junk food, then falln asleep in class the next day cause your so what could be better?) And the best part, I went to the NY one. I'd never been to NY before, and now I found out I want to go to college there and live there...I LOVE IT!!! This may not be for everyone, but the NSLC contributed to some of the most important decisions in my life (where I'll go to college, what I'll major in, life long friendships) I seriously recommend you go! If you have any other questions feel free to drop me an e-mail...hope this helps :)

Has anyone earned their National Board Certification?

Has anyone earned their National Board Certification?

I haven't, but my parents have. I know that they worked on it for quite a while (several months), although I was out of the house at the time, so I don't know exactly how long.

They've both said it was worth it, and have been able to teach many continuing ed classes during the summers because of it. They've also been able to influence curriculum choices and inter-class projects (elementary) because of being National Board Certified. I don't know how it has affected their pay scale, but I know that they have both taken on leadership positions in their schools and districts.

competitive cheerleaders- how do i convince my parents to pay for cheerleading?

competitive cheerleaders- how do i convince my parents to pay for cheerleading?

i did all stars for 2 1/2 years. honestly they price depends on your gym and how many competitions they do and how many are nationals. i paid quite a bit but my team did quite a bit of out of state competitions plus worlds. i also did a lot of extra tumbling and privates. i can't remember how much but uniforms are usually around $100, travel over $1000, and competition fees are about $100-$200.

its adds up pretty quick. but gyms usually offer some sort of scholarship if you really need. plus they fundraise for competition and travel cost. if they are not getting a new uniform next year you can get an old one from someone who either quit or out grew their uniform. and see if there are anything around the gym they could have you do to cut cost. or if all else fails go to your parents for more work around the house that maybe they pay someone to do.

they way me and my mom convinced my dad (he wasn't to hot about the all star thing) was to look at what other skills this will give you. cheer help builds confidence and that is important. it will also give you leadership experience and ways to handle high pressure situations (try having to change your routine 15 minutes before you compete) all stars gives you more chances to meet all kind of people. first off your on a team with people not from your school and maybe not even your state. on top of that you meet all kind of people at nationals. a lot of cheerleaders go on to be CEO's and high powered people in the work place.

hope you are able to do this. all star cheer was probably one of the best experiences i have ever done.

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