Neuter Awareness Month on February, 2025: Shakiness and awareness of heartbeat, headaches, pressure in head?

February, 2025 is Neuter Awareness Month 2025.

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Shakiness and awareness of heartbeat, headaches, pressure in head?

So sorry to hear this! It sounds very uncomfortable! Okay - my 2 cents.

These are not symptoms of brain tumor. Not to say I'm diagnosing you as not having one, just telling you these aren't that sort of symptom.

Have you been checked for diabetes?

Do you measure your heart rate when it "pounds?" If you are sitting and doing nothing in particular and your pulse is elevated, that is not normal. That doesn't mean it's BAD, just not normal. But "not normal" can mean many things. All of these symptoms could be due to anxiety. After ruling out physical problems, that is what I would wonder about.

I know you're nervous about exercise, but you sound deconditioned. You need exercise. You can exercise with a friend - or get an exercise buddy. Start by walking together. Also, please talk with your doctor about diet. You're underweight.

Dying is something that will happen to all of us. I'm going to die - chances are, I'll die a lot sooner than you! I'm a lot older. I've seen a lot of people die; I'm a doctor. And seeing death - being around it - completely eliminated my fear of death. I've seen too many people who died and were resuscitated. They had amazing stories of experiences that absolutely cannot be explained by the brain shutting down. Many had seen things in rooms other than where they were - one young woman died on the operating table. When her heart was started again and she survived (thank goodness!), she told of a conversation her parents had with a family friend and a doctor in the cafeteria. She said she left her body, saw her family, and then moved on to a place she called "heaven." She saw relatives who had died prior and some people whom she did not know, but they knew who she was.

She was loved, accepted, and completely embraced... as she WAS. She was not expected to be perfect or be in any particular religion - she was only expected to love. To be kind and helpful. And that's why I'm here - I have other things to do. But I like to come here and help a little. It's a way of loving mankind.

The doctor in the cafeteria was me - she had not met me prior to that yet she described me perfectly and she knew my name. I saw her in the recovery room and she addressed me by name. There was NO WAY she could have known whom I was. She described the conversation - it was stunning. She was spot-on. She told us she saw family members and was in the presence of God and was completely and utterly loved and understood... just as she was. With her flaws and imperfections.

I hope this is helpful and I hope it makes some sense. It sounds to my ear like anxiety - the Xanax can help but only so much. Embracing your life - approaching life - finding the things that give you joy... those are the things that, if this is anxiety, will help you the most. You can join a club or find an opportunity to volunteer. I've written prescriptions for this! I have - volunteer at the library or a hospital or - gosh - anywhere that will make you feel good about what you are doing. It takes the focus off self and how you are feeling. You could volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter. The city shelters are good for volunteering but it might make you depressed because reality is people aren't always too good about spaying and neutering their pets and many unwanted pets must be killed... there aren't enough homes.

Because your father has a cardiac history, you are wise to have awareness. Don't smoke, eat a healthy diet (check the Internet - there are lots of websites that talk about a heart-healthy diet), eat your fruits and vegetables, exercise, and embrace your beautiful life. You are at the age when anxiety is typically the worst, so take hope in that. And know that your life is full of choices... choices for you to make. Embrace it! Watch The Science Channel - watch some of those shows about stars, the universe - that stuff. really puts it all in perspective. There are two new shows that are terrific - Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole and Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking. They are amazing and will take you out of your worries. The universe is a big, beautiful, grand place! And YOU are in it!

Go to youtube and look up the videos by lekatt1. Listen to everything he has to say and please ignore the other videos that have scare stories about hell. They are rubbish. I'll put Lekatt1's link in here.

Good luck, dear. You are at a scary, wonderful, exciting time... the beginning of adult life. I think you're going to make something wonderful of it!

My Jack Russell has just had her first season, when can I breed her?

My Jack Russell has just had her first season, when can I breed her?

I got a healthy 2 month old JRT puppy at a shelter. she's beautiful. Sounds like maybe you should really be educated more about breeding before you start, because if you aren't doing this professionally, and just want the puppies, you can find really cute JRTs in rescues and shelters. And if you're asking this question, it seems like you haven't researched breeding enough IMO. (if i offended you i'm sorry)

and the only 2 reasons I reply to questions like this about breeding your dogs when you are not a breeder are

1. you may not know that by not spaying or neutering usually means reproductive cancers in your pets (I found this out too late when I had my first dog he developed testicular cancer which is common if not removed but it was too late to remove his by then) So i want to let you know if you were like me and didn't know.

2. I feel bad about so many strays on the street and all the animals in shelters 10-12 million animals in the US are euthanized each year in shelters because of overpopulation

I feel like people get defensive about this because they think "its my pet and i can do whatever i want it's my choice". That's true as long as they're not abusing or neglecting the animal (IMO). But i still feel its important to just remind people about why spaying/neutering is important in case they didnt know! And no one without a good knowledge of breeding and how to care for the mother and pups should breed anyway right?? I still see all these thumbs down for people who say "spay/neuter". There's no police involved, it's just people who really do care about all the stray animals and crowded shelters.

I want to do whatever i can to prevent horrible news like what I posted here

if it pisses some people off forme to remind about fixing your pets, so be it. But my wish is to do it as offensivelessly as possible, i hope it at least brings awareness

Has anyone heard about the Mandatory spay and Neuter Law that was pasted out in LA?

Has anyone heard about the Mandatory spay and Neuter Law that was pasted out in LA?

Yes, I have heard about it. I even picketed against it.

I have not spoken to a single person (apart from those at city council meetings) who supports this law. I've spoken to people from all walks of life: those who do rescue, who have all their dogs neutered, who breed dogs, who don't have any dogs. All are greatly opposed to this law and see it as government infringement--even unconstitutional--into people's lives.

From what I've seen this law was implemented in direct opposition of the constituents of the city council people. Seems like people get into office these days only to support their own personal agenda instead of represent the rights of the people in their areas.

This was exactly the principles our country was founded to avoid--government interference and dominion. Altogether a bad idea.

Please write the LA city council and let them know how much you oppose this terrible and unconstitutional law. You can also send money to help pay legal fees to defeat this unconstitutional bill.

Thanks for bringing awareness to this unconstitutional law.

ADD: Here's the contact for LA City Council members:

Can't find the link at the moment to help fight the bill. I know other people have it. Someone know where to find it?

Also on this date Saturday, February 1, 2025...