Relationship Wellness Month on February, 2025: Relationship Clarification?

February, 2025 is Relationship Wellness Month 2025. Relationship Wellness Month - February is Relationship Wellness ... Relationship Wellness Month:

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Relationship Clarification?

Yes, you should bring it up again.. It seems like he didnt wanted anythiing serious, but he is falling for you.. Otherwise, why say "I love you", those are big words.

Banfield optimum wellness plan?

Banfield optimum wellness plan?

I'd avoid any of the Banfield plans. Banfield vets work for a large corporation. They tend to have a high turnover rate, and lots of vets working there, so you often see a different vet each time you go in. They are also more likely to employ vets straight out of school with little real-world experience who don't yet have the money to open their own practice. They aren't familiar with your specific pet, and so may miss changes that can mean illness more easily than a vet who knows them well. They also will not work with you when money is tight- they work for a business and aren't allowed to compromise pricing or do anything outside of their prescribed payment plans. Any service that falls outside of whichever "package" you choose will be overpriced, and you can often get the services which are included in their packages for less elsewhere.

A private vet who you see regularly will develop a relationship with you and your pet. They'll know how best to handle them, and are more likely to make allowances with their pricing and such for a regular customer. For example- I had one dog break his leg. I paid promptly for his surgery and all aftercare, and got to know the vet and his staff. My second dog ended up needing two knee surgeries a few months later- not only did the vet discount his labor rate for the first surgery by half, he donated his time for the second surgery for free (I paid only for drugs and supplies), and waived the office visit fees on her follow-up appointments. I did not even ask for a discount, he volunteered it since he knew that I had just spent a large amount on my other dog. He also let me come in and watch the second surgery. No Banfield vet will do things like that- they don't have the discretion to, and corporations are far more concerned with their bottom line and having uniform policies so no one can claim they were treated unfairly.

Will my honesty be the end of the relationship?

Will my honesty be the end of the relationship?

That your boyfriend would text you for money, rather than properly asking you, is a no-no. Frankly, you are not his mother, nor an older sibling who will carry such weight on their shoulders. You are a girlfriend, bounded by structures and foundations a non blood-related relationship must have. His lack of commitment and willpower to strive better for himself and for you shows his incompetence as a boyfriend and as a long-term partner. You have done your part in supporting him and his wellness; now it's his turn to do the same for him, for you, and for the relationship. If all else fails, head to a path where you will be making a life in this world for yourself WITH someone, and not FOR someone.

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