Pull Your Sofa Off The Wall Month on February, 2025: Am i being ripped off or am I being paid enough?

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Am i being ripped off or am I being paid enough?

Agree. I think they are underpaying you. Most people do rates at 5 per child per hour. That would technically be like 500 a week...babysitters are suppose to help with the cost of child care IMO. So I would say at least 25 per child per day, which would be 50 a day. And 250 a week. Or 30 per child per day, 60 a day, and 300 a week.

Sensible advice please...?

Sensible advice please...?

What happened in the past doesn't make you who you are today. You are a grown woman with a baby to take care of. If your family has cut you off, it's time to move on. Plus you are starting your own family. You are a good mother, you're not going to be like your mother.

Maybe your family cutting you off was a good thing, no one needs to be around negative people, it pulls your mood down.

Well, just be happy with your son, he is apart of you and I can see you love him a lot.

Good luck!!

: )

How to get my cat to stop scratching things?

How to get my cat to stop scratching things?

First off, do not declaw your cat as someone else suggested. There are a number of other alternatives that don't involve mutilating your cat and putting it through an unnecessary and agonizing surgery. Not only is it extremely painful to the cat, but it often causes personality changes, and has actually been banned in a number of countries as animal cruelty.

Here are some things you can do.

1) Clip the cat's nails. A large part of the reason that cats scratch is to get rid of their nail sheaths, and clipping them both helps to minimize damage and reduces the cat's desire to scratch. It's pretty simple to do, you just need to make sure not to clip the quick of the claw. If you give it plenty of affection while doing it, and treats afterwards, it can be a bonding experience. If you don't feel confident in doing it yourself or the cat is too wild to do it, a vet or groomer can usually take care of it for a small cost.

2) If you have scratching posts and he doesn't like it, try the cardboard scratching pads. My cats love them, even the ones who aren't that into the scratching posts. Some cats just prefer to do their scratching horizontal rather than vertical. Catnip on the pads and posts is a good trick that often helps attract the cat to them.

3) You said that you had two scratching posts. What are they covered in? Sometimes it's the texture that attracts a cat's scratching. My mother had a couch that her cat loved to scratch because it was a very nubbly, kind of rough texture that apparently felt really good to claw. Some cats prefer carpet, some sisal rope. All six of mine like SmartCat's Ultimate Cat Scratcher because it's tall, sturdy and covered with sisal cloth. It's got a good texture, not too rough, not too smooth, and holds up well to even the most dedicated scratcher's claws - I've had mine for a couple of years and six cats haven't made a dent in it.

4) Soft Claws are caps that go on the cat's claws and keep them from doing any damage when they claw. You can even make his paws look stylish with different colors!

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