Bake For Family Fun Month on February, 2024: My sweet 16 is in 4 months and i need help!!!!!?

February, 2024 is Bake For Family Fun Month 2024. Bake for Family Fun Month Logos Bake for Family Fun Month

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Bake For Family Fun Month

Bake to see relatives Fun Month is really a celebration produced through the Home Baking Association. The thought of this celebratory month would be to encourage families to obtain together, spend some time like a family in the kitchen area baking and also to have some fun. Baking is definitely an affordable activity which will train all people of ones own important practical abilities for existence. The wedding is an excellent chance for families to uncover baking traditions, check out new quality recipes, create reminiscences and explore the enjoyment that baking activities have to give you. You will find many activities that families can perform together throughout Bake for Family Fun Month which might be loved by individuals of all the generation.It's the ideal here we are at families to understand the fundamentals of baking, try meals from various cultures, be experimental in the kitchen area and reap the rewards of the numerous educational possibilities that baking offers.

My sweet 16 is in 4 months and i need help!!!!!?

Wow, can I come? JK. I'd bake a few cakes with my family (for quality family time, and it's cheaper to bake than buy--not to mention they taste better than store bought crap), then I'd spend the bulk of the cash on something abnormal and fun like paintball or horseback riding. Lots of places would even cut you a deal for parties. After that, a cookout at my house (with the spacious backyard and rap group) for burgers, chips, and to make good use of those cakes *wink* and lastly, I'd have a cheapo slumber party with the girls. Maybe watch some comedies and do the whole facial and toenail painting thing while we talk about boys.

Anyway, that's just me. If you're already set on having a party, I think the beach scene would work well. The only problem is lack of water...unless you have a pool. Otherwise, you could get an inflateable pool (the big kind, not the kiddie-pools) or a slip n slide. Yeah, they can be seen as childish, but from my experience, teens and young adults (think frat-boy) have WAY more fun on those things...besides, it'd be off to the side in the background just there for when people need to cool off or have a good laugh. Face it, those things are fun! A cruise-ship or yacht club theme may be a good spinoff of that, too. You could also set up poker tables and hire a massage therapist (or even designate a helpful friend or family member) to do massages and just have different activites to do. Card games can be a riot with a decent sized group of people. A way you could set apart your VIP friends would be to give them each colorful leis (really beachy and Hawaii-esque), or you could all buy matching bathing suits (or even just the wraps), or you could simply make matching shell/hemp jewelry.Get costumized balloons that say "____'s Sweet Sixteen!" (fill the blank in with your name.) Get your VIP girls to give you a hand with everything. Do a BBQ for food...corn on the cob, hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, and watermelon is good for BBQS, remember the variety of sauces =D. For invitations, get them printed on CARDSTOCK...cardstock is heavier than paper and looks better as well. Get the background on the invitations of your favorite color...write down all of the information, get a nice border for them, and send them off to your friends. For your VIP girls, to make them stand out, get them all nice bracelets (each of the same color) or get them fake crowns, that look realistic... have a fun party!!!

Selling baked good to friends and family...?

Selling baked good to friends and family...?

I like to bake a lot too and I sell to people at school. I'm not sure if there is any law against it, but I seriously doubt it. Unless you're buying already made cookies and muffins and then selling them for profit, it wouldn't be illegal because it's your own ingredients and recipe and stuff. Maybe tweak the recipe a bit to make it your own. :P

Good luck and have fun! You do earn a fair amount of money, especially for cookies. I sell mine 50c each (you'd think they'd think it was pricey, but they don't. :P) and $2 for 5. My cookies are very large.

Grocery bill for a family of 4 a month?

Grocery bill for a family of 4 a month?

I don't spend that much and I'm cooking for a family of 6. I'm also a stay at home mom and have more time to cook and bake. Here are my hints to put some of that money in savings...

Find locally grown organic meats and invest in a big freezer. I rarely buy meat at the local store because it costs about twice as much(and tastes terrible). I buy staples on sale and stock up. I try to balance our meals so that they are healthy and alternate between more expensive meals and budget meals. We raise a garden every year and can and freeze as many foods as possible. I plan a menu every two weeks and shop accordingly. I also try very hard to avoid convenience foods. Baking homemade bread is one of the best things I've leaned how to do. It's fresh, not filled with preservatives and I can make other meals with it. (French toast made with fresh bread is yummmmy) Another trick that I learned from my mother is to turn yesterdays leftovers into the next days meal. If we have roast one day, we might have beef and noodles the next (homemade egg noodles are easy and fun to make) There are things that I no longer buy at the store, there are plenty of recipes online and if she likes to cook, the options are endless. I bake cookies, pies, make granola, pizza and I've even learned how to make soap!

When it comes to non-food items, the best thing to do is make a list of what you use and look for sales. I stock up on shampoo, paper products and laundry items this way.

If she has the time, living within a smaller budget is very simple. If she can save 100 a month, she'll have money to fill up the freezer in no time!

Hope that helps :)

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