Avocado and Banana Month on February, 2025: What can 7 month old baby eat after 1.5 months of solids?

February, 2025 is Avocado and Banana Month 2025. Celebrate National Avocado and Banana Month Yummy & Healthy Banana Avocado

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What can 7 month old baby eat after 1.5 months of solids?

A 7 month old can eat anything he is physically capable of eating -- except for honey and significant amounts of whole milk. (A small amount, say, cooked into a casserole or potatoes is fine.)

They used to advise holding off on allergins until after a year, but more recent research has indicated that this is not necessary, and doesn't reduce the risk of allergy.

So he can have any fruits, veggies, grains, meats, cheese/yogurt, etc. I'd go easy on salt and sugar, but other spices/seasonings are fine. If you want to prepare separate meals for him, you can do so. Or you can cut up/mash/puree (as he is able to manage) the same foods you cook for yourself.

At 7 months I'd stick with two small meals a day unless he's VERY hungry. Solids are still mostly 'just for fun' and you dont' want him taking less milk.

Can you give a 10 month Avocado?

Can you give a 10 month Avocado?


Avocado is actually a great first food. Bananas, avocados and sweet potatoes are the very first foods recommended by La Leche League.

Very healthy!

Mashed banana - Mashed banana?

Mashed banana - Mashed banana?

No need to mash it by 11 months - she should be able to cope with small pieces. Does she have teeth? While it won't make a difference for things like banana and avocado, harder foods will be tricky until she does.

Apples are probably still a bit much for her raw, but you could try poached pieces rather than mashed.

Pears are good - soft without cooking (some varieties anyway!) and sweet to tempt fussy eaters.

If it's summer, peaches and nectarines are awesome (racking my brains for what my son was eating at 11 months), he liked strawberries, although I had to wait longer to feed him those because they made his eczema flare up. Same with mandarins.

Have you tried offering her sultanas? They were a huge hit! Only thing is they come out the other end whole, and a little plumper than they went in, until they have molars ;-)

I didn't really combine fruits in recipes much - I usually offered a selection of pieces of 2-3 different varieties when I could, and ate what he didn't myself!

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