World Alzheimer's Month on September, 2024: As the World Turns Catch up!?

September, 2024 is World Alzheimer's Month 2024. Alzheimer's Symptoms‎ Learn About Alzheimer's Symptoms and Know What to Look for.

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As the World Turns Catch up!?

Well, it seems that a lot has actually happened this summer. It doesn't seem like that on a day-to-day basis. So, I'll do my best to inform you of the past three months. Forgive me if I go back too far.

Carly/Craig/Rosanna. Rosanna returned to Oakdale after running into Paul and his kidnapped daughter. Meanwhile, Carly and Craig developed business relations. They also worked together with Parker and Liberty's marriage. Their relationship tightened, and they became engaged. However, Carly began drinking and became an alcoholic. Nothing worked for her, so Rosanna moved in. She found out about the alcoholism and tried to help. It ended up that Carly's plans were revealed and she was shipped to rehab, after a bit of a struggle around the wedding day-which didn't happen.

Janet/Jack. Janet's sister, Teri, came to town after meeting Craig and Rosanna in Chicago at a meeting. She is a waitress and is a hit in Oakdale. Janet was excited when she returned, because they hadn't seen each other in 17 years. However, Teri is a magnificent cook and Janet became jealous. So, Jack finally asked Brad to offer a part-time job as co-anchor for Katie on WOAK. She finally accepted.

Katie/Henry/Vienna. Early on, Katie became pregnant. However, she lost the baby. Vienna then became a surrogate mother, but complications arose and it ended up it was actually Vienna's and Henry's actual child. Then, she too lost the baby. They were furious, but they became friends once again. Now, Katie is pregnant-so Vienna filled in for Katie at WOAK with Brad, but after a malfunction, Henry became jealous, and created "Geneva Swift." Geneva voiced all the social issues of the show. She guest starred on the show and ultimately led to Vienna's firing. Vienna found out and went home to Sweden. Then, Henry's mom showed up. He has reservations about her, but stuff is still hatching out. However, she did lead to Vienna's return.

Damian/Luke/Noah. Damian returned to Oakdale in order to make amends with Luke. It happened, and Luke and Damian are close now. Not too much has happened between them this summer, but he did help with Noah's dad. Col. Mayer returned and kidnapped Noah, and Damian helped them put him in jail. Additionally, Prof. Jarvis is helping Noah with his senior project. He seems to be cramping Luke and Noah's relationship. Oh, recently-Damian has created a problem between Luke and his family. Everyone wanted Luke to go back to college, but Damian offered Luke a job at Grimaldi Shipping. Luke took it. Lucinda is quite angry.

Ali/Casey/Riley/Margo. Adam was said to have died in Afghanistan, and Riley Morgan came to town. Casey disliked him, and Margo's affection for him. So, he planned something against him. Ali disagreed and they broke up. Later, Margo was shot by Col. Mayer-who Riley had communicated with accidentally (due to his involvement with Noah's film). Then, Riley said he was Adam-after a series of plastic surgeries following a bombing that left him scarred. Casey found out, but Margo won't tell Tom for fear that he'll put him in jail. Riley got Casey and Ali back together, so Casey is grateful. However, Tom is suspicious of Riley's and Margo's relationship-he's been at the house for a couple months.

Kim/Bob. It seems Bob is loosing his memory-potentially Alzheimer's. He is messing up a lot, and Ali is worried. However, Tom is disregarding it all.

Hunter/Ali/Emily. Early on, Emily wanted to have another child. SO, she looked for her donor eggs from Ali's conception. She couldn't find them, and Larry (Ali's dad) tried to help. Meanwhile, Lucinda hired Hunter as online designer for the Intruder. Emily disliked him, but Ali and him feel for each other. Following a series of clues, It was revealed that Larry stole Emily's eggs and conceived Hunter with them (however, Larry didn't know Hunter was his child). So, Hunter is Emily's son and Ali's brother. The romance between them ended. Oh, and Lucinda fired Emily. Hunter quit.

Paul/Emily/Barbara. Paul set up Damian and Dusty to fight against each other, in order to win over Meg. However, everything was found out and they set up a bomb to frame him and get even. The bomb malfunctioned and went off on Paul. In surgery, it was revealed a microchip was in his brain-presumably by James Stenbeck. After taking it out, Paul has lost his memory. He has broken ties with distraught Meg and turned to Emily-he even bought her a newspaper. Babs is pissed, and she has had him sent to various mental asylums. Today, at one he saw his dad. Weird twist...

Damian/Meg/Dusty/Lily. Damian and Meg have gotten close. After Dusty was jailed for connections to Paul's bombing, he took his anger out on Damian. Meg broke up with him, and she turned to Damian. He has even offered her a job. However, Lily is not happy with this. She is jealous and things are looking bad. Meg hates her. And today, Damian kissed Lily back. Lily didn't fight it, but she denied her feelings. Sadly, Faith walked in on it.

Pretty much, this is ATWT this summer. A lot has been happening, and I hope this is what you are looking for. Let me know if you need any other information!

My boyfriend is worried about having Alzheimer’s disease?

My boyfriend is worried about having Alzheimer's disease?

Notwithstanding genetic transmission/acquirement, Alzheimer's Disease is curable by Acupressure techniques and Indian Natural Remedies.

Latest updates*--We r treating from 01082011 a case of Thalassemia-Major-a genetic disorder acquired from Thalassemia-Minor parents for a 4-months old boy born with congenital [liver] Jaundice, anemia [Hb-5.8] and fatigue] and his Hb levels have shot up steadily from 5.8 to 11.00 as on 04012012 and the doctors @ Apollo Hospitals @ Ludhiana have postponed steadily the transfusion dates from 3-4-6 weeks as on date.

2. It is the God-given therapy communicated to the mankind through THE RIGVEDA, one of the Hindu scriptures.

•No side effects and no risk. If it clicks, mostly possible, U shall have a cure. Lest, the therapy keeps mum. No extra risk. It is the most suitable line of treatment even for the terminally ill patients. U may try ---------

TARGET THERAPY* for any incurable disease including cancer of any organ[s], post-surgical recurrence of tumors, Leukemia, HIV/AIDS,Crohn’s Syndrome, colon cancer, Thalassemia, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, Tinnitus, all brain & spinal cord disorders, CLL, Crohn’s Syndrome, etc., ---it should aim @ [3] steps.

1. Removal of toxins from all internal organs & purging through Normal Drainage systems, feces, urine, menses [females], skin, lungs and vomiting.

• 2. Activating all the internal organs to make each & every organ to function up to optimum levels.

3. Supplying vitamins, nutrients, micro-nutrients, minerals, trace elements for invigorating the entire Immune system to produce antibodies.

• Acupressure techniques & Indian Natural Remedies [comprising Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Bio-chemic salts, Herbal Remedies, Yoga/Meditation, Magneto-therapy, Sidha, etc.,] can meet all the requirements.

• Acupressure Techniques—NO SIDE EFFECTS. NO HOSPITALIZATION. Costs Affordable even by the poor. An acupressure Therapeutist can, not only diagnose any disease instantaneously, but, also prevent/treat any disease & or the affected organ[s] with the aid of Indian natural remedies. All stipulated instructions must be followed most religiously. The % of success depends upon the extent of compliance.

Remote control Acupressure points given by the God. For Treatment, hard-pressure is to be applied on & around these points with Ur thumb and middle finger.


Dorsal side of Palms & soles to diagnose & treat ailments of eyes, spine, breast cancer, etc., :

4. U may try acupressure techniques and natural remedies strictly for 45 days and If U find any perceivable improvements, U may continue it for another 45 days & thereafter to have total cure.

PS:If satisfied/benefited with, U may inform others to browse ‘Yahoo Answers’ on any health issue.

Source: ‘HEALTH IN UR HANDS’ Vol. I & II--- by Dr.Devendra Vora, D.Sc.,M.D.,F.R.C.P.,---an octogenarian & the pioneer in Acupressure in India.

•Dr.Vora, the world renowned Acupressurist, an octogenarian and the Bhishma Pithamaha of acupressure in India--- treated and caused to treat more than 150000 cases of Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, irregular menses and also many other most dreaded diseases---Dr.Devendra Vora has analyzed that pressure applied on certain points located on the palms and soles helps to stimulate all organs of the body, prevents disease and assists in maintaining good health. Acupressure also helps to diagnose, prevent and cure diseases like common cold, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Migraine, Paralysis, and even cancer, HIV/AIDS. Autism, Thalassemia, Muscular Dystrophy, all brain and spinal cord affected diseases.

Can anti-depressant medications help an Alzheimer’s Dementia patient feel better?

Can anti-depressant medications help an Alzheimer's Dementia patient feel better?

Donelle, I have cared for quite a few seniors in their 90s who eventually died. These people were generally intelligent people and still very lucid and interested in their surroundings and news of the outside world. However as each of them came closer to their time to leave this world they each had what lay people term hallucinations and delusions. Really though what was going on was simply a delay in what their senses (eyes, ears etc) received and their knowledge/thoughts of past events concluding what they had seen or heard. These are not the actual hallucinations of a psychiatric patient. It is simply a slowing of nerve transmission. People who or are going blind whether by macular degeneration or another cause, or have had cataracts removed are particularly prone to experiencing these type of 'events'. They are known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome :

The elderly person knows the delusions or 'hallucinations' as described above, are not real and can distinguish the false 'visions' from real life. The presence of these events happening though can still be upsetting for the person. Sometimes relatives who hear of their elderly relative talking about what they experienced, think that they are saying they actually had an hallucination. I myself have diagnosed two of my elderly patients with Charles Bonnet Syndrome after carefully listening to them; despite their relatives thinking their old mum or dad was being psychotic. [Psychosis requires more dopamine - elderly peole naturally have less!] On consultation with my patients pharmacist and doctors, it was concluded they both had Charles Bonnet Syndrome (and were close to dying with in several months).

I would not place my elderly relative on an antidepressant if they have not previously suffered from endogenous depression. If they have experienced psychosis or depression earlier in life and had been placed on antidepressants with good effect, then antidepressants may be of assistance to the demented patient. These links confirm this :

Do bear in mind though, in the first two weeks antidepressants can 'speed up' the patients heart rate, thoughts and anxiety levels, however this soon evens out. Whether you want your elderly parent to experience that is another thing. I would leave a 90+ to die peacefully, they may not understand about the medication speeding them up and eventually settling down.

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