Self Improvement Month on September, 2024: Do you read self-help books?

September, 2024 is Self Improvement Month 2024. Get Fit For Self Improvement Month September is Self Improvement

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Do you read self-help books?

I have read some self-help books to see what they said and how they were made. Some of them were quite useful or helpful to me. But then it was not really self-help, it was a help or guidance thru some book or books that I bought in about the same way as you have.

A self-help book can be glowingly good for you if you have the time and patience to spend on such a book, if you want to use your own precious time for the love of that book in order to see how some ways of life can be improved according to the smart author of that self-help book.

A self-help book may be about some good remedies of general value derived from some experience or learning by that particular author,

but as you are an individual in some ways quite unique and even mysterious for many, and probably not personally known to the author of that book that you have bought on Amazon, it is hard to believe in advance that one such self-help book that you found on the market fully can address your own particular needs and wishes of diligent personal improvement.

Thus, you might consider an occasional self-help book as a general example of what another person in the world thinks that people might do "to try and improve their life", or something in that style.

Otherwise you have wasted your time and your patience and your own eye- and brain- energy, and also have made the smart writer of that book a few dollars richer and a little bit more famous and your own money balance a little bit less.

Enjoying one's own life may be a matter of a unique and radiant personal or soul's strategy that can be unfolded thru one's own bright consciousness and one's own serene wish and constant diligent work to become more harmonious in oneself and with others.

Then, a suggested external remedy is not the right remedy for you when it does not easily give you in your own eyes, in your own skin, in your own person and personality a fresher glow of healthier life.

Finally, no matter whether you, as you say, will be human, or more human,

to achieve a more glowing mood, and a fresher radiance in your own eyes and in your person, and to try and do more admirable actions, an enthusiastic strategy anyway is needed

which means that you also may have to try and be a little bit more astute, which means that you may have to do some diligent improving work in that sense, also in a more funny or more enjoyable way for you, and you might look for a chance to have a great laugh, and so also imagine your own funny or fancy self-help book, made by you.

Self improvement month.?

Self improvement month.?

Aromatherapy. Shop for a smell u really like- a body spray, an incense, an air freshener, candle or perfume, and spray it in your area continuously.

Ways of Self-Improvement?

Ways of Self-Improvement?

Nature never sends anybody to this planet (Earth) without wrapping a gift (talent) around him. Kindly discover the talent within you, through deep insights in to a conscious way of living with awareness.What I mean is that whatever you do ,even a simple act like swiping the dust, do it with such dedication, awareness, and totality that the dust becomes divine. I am delighted to know you are into diet and fitness,because i believe that our body is like the sacred.temple. which needs exercises for flexibility and calmness. A man is made up of the 3 parts -body, mind and spirit and is extremely important that these3 parts are in balance with each other,therefore; I suggest you learn Yoga and meditation which will prove to be of immense help in dealing with stressful situations of Life.Start the day with a smile, always look at the world with compassion,be positive minded and expect the best to happen. Wish u all the best.Read some self improvement books to transform yourself.

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