Backpack Safety America Month on September, 2022: Backpacking in South America?

September, 2022 is Backpack Safety America Month 2022. Dietitians Online Blog: September 2010 Backpack Safety America Month

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Backpacking in South America?

Hola chicas,

I am from California and go backpacking in South America a lot, usually between 4-6 months at a time. Yes, your expenses will be about $ 1000. to $ 1,500./month plus the airfare from Australia of course. This will pay for everything like accommodation in hostels, food, entertainment, activities, sightseeing, bus fares, etc. Please keep in mind that flying within South America is very expensive and it would raise your cost quite a bit. The long distance buses are pretty good and not very expensive, however, buses in Brazil are a little pricey compared to the other countries in South America. I totally agree with you to visit only 2-4 countries instead of 6-8, because in latter case you won't have the time to enjoy each country. I would suggest to visit Colombia, Ecuador, and maybe Peru, but not more countries. Colombia is my favarite country and I love it there soooo much, and everyboy I meet loves Colombia.

What safety is concerned you shouldn't worry too much. Of course, you need to apply common sense like not wearing any expensive jewellery or watches, no flashy clothes, no expensive cameras, don't go out after dark alone (try to go out in a group), avoid shady parts of towns, book hostels in advance because you don't wanna wander around at night and looking for a hostel, always arrive at a hostel during daylight. Keep in mind that very often the areas around the main bus stations are not very good. Use your ATM card to withdraw money from banks, however, always use ATM machines inside of banks, and never after dark.

During my trips I have met a lot of girls from different parts of the world and none of them had any problems with safety.

Have a great time in South America, you'll love it.

How much did you spend backpacking South America?

How much did you spend backpacking South America?

I budgeted for about $2000 a month and travelled all around South America.

I stayed in $10+ a night hotels and guesthouses.

Travel was by coach and that was very cheap but LONG hours. Occasionally I caught an internal flight because it was a similar price. Avoid trains for safety reasons.

Backpacking south america.??>>> tips?

Backpacking south america.??>>> tips?

You will need to plan for lightweight food, shelter and clothing. You will also need to map out appropriate food re-stocking places as you will be gone for an extended period of time. Do your back a favor and plan a lightweight trip. Since you haven't backpacked before, you will be using muscles you didn't know you had. Plan for safety and be sure to take along the 10 essentials. See the website below for food, clothing, shelter and advice.

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