Passion Fruit and Peach Month on September, 2024: Can I lose 12kg in 2 months yes or no?

September, 2024 is Passion Fruit and Peach Month 2024. Peach--passionfruit-mousse.jpg Peach passion fruit mousse

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Can I lose 12kg in 2 months yes or no?

Yes... but you have to be really motivated .. I just lost 1.5 kg in 2 days...

so I did this..

Exercise! Until your hole body will start aching you like hell. Do not take breaks! Make this every day. If you don't go to the gym search different types of exercises on the internet

.and run. if you don't like people you can run very early in the morning.

Sugar ameliorates the pain from the exercise so you can take 1 spoon before you go to bed.

Do not eat the first day just drink water/tea/fresh juice do not buy it make it. After that you will need much less food.

Keep a food diary.I am sure you know what healthy food means. You wouldn't wanna write in it breakfast: stake with potatoes and 4 slices of bread! You can eat at breakfast: fruits or vegetables and 1 slice of bread with butter / yoghurt / cereals with chopped fruits 1 glass of milk. Not all of them at one breakfast of course.

No dinner after 6 /7 o'clock.

Eat at the same time everyday! 4 meals or 3

Try to eat very slowly you will see you will need much less food.

Cook for your self healthy food search recipes on the internet. Leave mamma alone to make that fat . .delicious food don't eat it. Even better if you dont know how to cook for sure you will need even less food if its awful.

Fruits and vegetables combine them as you want ! Eat lots of them ... cook them with fish / turkey/chicken/beaf/duck. Boil them or put them in the oven. You can also add some herbs

But be very careful do not eat more food than 3-4 spoons at a meal.

You can eat nuts.

Coconut peach strawberry blueberry plum mango papaya passion fruit apple banana orange lemon cherry tomatoes mushrooms carrot etc. delicious!

what kind of veggies can a guinea pig eat?

what kind of veggies can a guinea pig eat?

They can eat all these fruits veggies >

Apple - Seeds Poisonous



Asian Pear


Banana – Can cause constipation


Beet greens


Belgian Endive





Brussels Sprouts

Cabbage (Green)

Cabbage (Red)

Carrot tops / leaves

Carrots - Can cause liver problems

Cauliflower / Broccoli flower

Celery leaves

Celery Root / Celeriac

Celery stalks - cut into small pieces

Cherries - Remove stones

Chives - Feed in moderation

Cilantro / Chinese Parsley Coriander greens

Collard greens

Corn on cob/strings/leaves/stalks


Cranberries (whole fruit, not juice)

Cucumber - Not pickled

Currants - Black-Leaves also edible

Currants (Red)

Dandelion greens

Dates - High in Sugar when dried


Feijoa / Pineapple Guava

Figs - High in Sugar when dried

Garden Cress


Grapefruit - Acid may cause sores on mouth

Grapes - High in Sugar when dried

Grass – wheat grown in pots

Green Beans in pods / String Beans

Green Endive

Green Leek tops - Feed in moderation

Green Onion tops - Feed in moderation


Hay (Alfalfa) - High calcium & calories

Good for youngsters, pregnant & nursing sows-

Hay (Orchard)

Timothy hay - Feed freely to Adults

Kale - curly or plain

Kiwi Fruit

Kohlrabi bulbs

Kohlrabi leaves


Lettuce (Arugula)

Lettuce (Bibb)

Lettuce (Boston)

Lettuce (Butterweed)

Lettuce (Cos)

Lettuce (Dark Green Leaf)

Lettuce (Romaine)



Melon (Cantaloupe)

Melon (Honeydew)

Melon (Watermelon)


Mustard greens / Leaf Mustard


Orange - Acid may cause sores around mouth

Papaya / Paw Paw / Tree Melon

Parsley - curly or plain

Parsley root


Passion Fruit / Granadilla

Peach / Stone poisonous


Peas in pods, Pea Shoots

Peppers (Sweet or Bell) Red

Peppers (Sweet or Bell) Green

Peppers (Yellow)

Persimmon - American or oriental

Pineapple - Acid may cause sores around mouth

Plum, Prune - High in Sugar when dried


Radicchio / Italian Chicory





Spinach - Feed in moderation,


will atkins diet work for someone who is slim and..?

will atkins diet work for someone who is slim and..?

Most would say you are crazy to think you have to lose weight at 5'3" and 110... But it's your Life.

Atkins works for anyone. It is Recommended that a Person ONLY wanting to lose 10lbs should start on Phase 2 of Atkins.

Atkins is simple... Your Body needs energy to LIVE. Your Body uses SUGARS 1st for energy. Sugars from Fruits, Vegetables, STARCHY foods like corn, Pasta, potatoes, Chips, Breads.

Carbohydrates/sugars burn 1st in your Body.

If you take away the SUGARS from your body then your body starts looking for energy in a new place. STORED energy. This Stored energy is your FAT.

People that eat too many calories and then do not burn off those calories store fat. Your Body only needs so many calories to live on each day. Add too many calories and do not burn those calories off and your Body store those calories as fat.

Atkins forces the body to go into KETOSIS. Burning Fat as energy.

Ketogenic Diet.

If you did phase 1 of Atkins you would lose those 10lbs in maybe 3 weeks to a month. Maybe sooner. After 2 weeks of STRICK PHASE 1 your Body is in KETOSIS. (burning fat as fuel)

People that need to lose a lot of weight lose 10-15lbs in the 1st 2 weeks. Many of these pounds come from water. But since you seem to be "SLIMMER" you may not lose that much so fast.


PHASE 2 ATKINS... Increase CARBS to 5 more a day for each week.

Acceptable foods in Phase 2, ongoing Weight loss

Nuts and seeds, Nut and seed butters, Nut and seed Meals (flours), including almonds,

brazil nuts, cashews, coconut (unsweetened), macadamias, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans,

pine nuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds (and tahini), sunflower seeds, soy

nuts and walnuts .

• Avoid chestnuts (very high in carbs) and honey-roasted or smoked products .

• Avoid products with added sugar such as nutella .

berries and other fruits

All fresh or frozen berries (without sugar) are acceptable, as are cherries and cantaloupe,

crenshaw and honeydew melon (but not watermelon) .

Also 1-tablespoon portions of preserves made without added sugar .

fresh Cheese and other Dairy products

All fresh cheeses, including ricotta and cottage cheese, and plain, unsweetened,

whole milk yogurt or Greek yogurt .

• Avoid yogurt made with fruit or other flavorings or with any added sugar .

• Avoid low-fat and no-fat cottage cheese or yogurt products .


lentils and the following beans: black, cannellini, cranberry beans, fava, Great northern,

kidney, lima, navy, pink, pinto, soy (including edamame) and turtle; also black-eyed peas,

chickpeas (garbanzos), hummus, split peas, pigeon peas and refried beans .

• Avoid jarred or canned baked beans, which are full of sugar, beans in

tomato sauce with added sugar or starches, bean dips and other products

with added sugar or starch .

vegetable and fruit Juices

lemon and/or lime juice (up to 6 tablespoons a day) and small portions of

tomato juice or tomato juice cocktail .


in moderation, “lite” or low-carb beer, red or white wine and spirits such as bourbon, gin,

rum, scotch and vodka .

• Avoid flavored brandy and cordials, regular beer, fruit juice, tonic water and

other mixers high in carbs .

unaccePtaBle foods in Phase 2

• fruits other than those listed above

• starchy vegetables

• Grains

additional foods accePtaBle in Phase 3, Pre-Maintenance

the following foods are acceptable in this phase, as well as in phase 4, lifetime

maintenance .

fruits other than berries and melon, including apples, apricot, banana, carambola (star

fruit), cherimoya, fresh figs, grapes, grapefruit, guava, kiwi, kumquat, loquat, lychee,

mango, orange, nectarine, papaya, passion fruit, peach, pear, persimmon, pineapple,

plantain, plum, pomegranate, quince, tangerine and watermelon .

• Avoid canned fruit, even packed in juice concentrate or “lite” syrup .

• continue to avoid fruit juice, other than lemon and lime juice .

• Avoid dried fruit .

starchy vegetables

All starchy vegetables, including beets, burdock, calabaza, carrot, cassava (yuca),

corn, Jerusalem artichoke, parsnips, peas in pods, potato, rutabaga, sweet potato,

taro, winter squash, yautia and yams .

Whole Grains

All whole grains, including barley, bulgur wheat, cornmeal, couscous (whole wheat),

cracked wheat, hominy, kasha (buckwheat groats), millet, oatmeal (rolled or steel cut),

quinoa, brown rice, wild rice and wheat berries .

• Avoid refined grains, such as white flour, “enriched flour” and white rice .

• baked goods should be made with 100-percent whole grains .

• Atkins cuisine penne pasta is acceptable in phase 4, lifetime maintenance .

Dairy products

4-ounce portions of whole milk or buttermilk—but avoid skim, nonfat or low-fat milk .

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