International Square Dancing Month on September, 2024: how do i overcome my irrational fear of burglars?

September, 2024 is International Square Dancing Month 2024. Wishing You A Great Month. Free Intl. Square Dance Month eCards ... Wishing You A Great Month.

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how do i overcome my irrational fear of burglars?

just become a member of Burglars International. You can get to know all of them. There's a number of well-planned activities that you can go to. Pot luck suppers, square dancing, book club night...

they even have their own security force to parole the area so your car isn't broken into.

Can someone give me the general idea of this article (it’s in Spanish.)?

Can someone give me the general idea of this article (it's in Spanish.)?

"Dance is movement, but the best symbol of the evolution of the dance festival in Cadiz is summarized in paralyzed images on paper. Are photographs of 10-year history. Sixty times the choreography that has hosted this event in a decade that has been consolidating its commitment to media companies worldwide. Yesterday, the International Dance Day, several scenarios Cadiz were the best claim to escape the rain letting the rhythm of music.

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The competition sections devoted to Israel Galván and group Erre que Erre

Those responsible for Cadiz in dance happens as the elder brothers of the Holy Week brotherhoods. That, after months of preparation, the weather can play them a trick. The festival attracts rain. In the early editions of the event was located in autumn, but last year was installed in April, awaiting a break in the clouds. The coordinator, Jose Velez, was yesterday to intensify their efforts to relocate the outdoor shows, the most striking, to indoors. Occurred with the sample of African choreographers would take place in Entrecatedrales Square and ended in the House of Iberoamerica.

Four African styles, from Mali, Burkina Faso and Senegal, agreed on a single show. Balbona Ali reflects on fear. Sangare Maitou exalts the myth of the wild woman. Pope Sangone mixture of traditional and contemporary and Marie Gomis composed an autobiography in his work.

Danza Cadiz has always opted for the freshest on the international scene but also has turned Spanish production. This year, two monographs. Israel Galván, National Dance Award in 2005, renewal of flamenco, has offered a master class and performed the show 's golden age. The Catalan company Erre que Erre place in the tournament 15 years of existence, three decades of continuous research Performing around the proposals. His entire career can be seen in a video graphic presentation.

For now expected performances of La Tournee, Noemi Viana and Jesus Rubio, Chameleon, Ember, Milan Tomasik and the premiere of Intimacy in pixels Pabsdanza company. The festival will end on Sunday. Today's shows are combined with the conclusion by the Ministry of Culture of the International Dance Day, which has organized a flash mob dance simultaneously in the main squares of the capital of Granada, Malaga, Cordoba, Seville and Cadiz. Will be at 13.30 and the call is open to anyone who wishes to dance together in a choreography of five minutes with the song Fiesta, Amparanoia Artist's grenadine, which will be broadcast live on Canal Sur Radio. The scenarios are the Plaza del Salvador, in Seville, that of Pasiegas in Granada, the Loch, in Cordoba, and in front of the cathedral of Malaga and Cadiz.

Will complement the Festival Cadiz, which stays open until today its exhibition that immortalizes the early history of the competition. They are works of Jorge Zapata, Roman Rios, Lourdes de Vicente, Castilla y Luis Manuel Fernandez, who can still be seen in the stronghold of the Candelaria. "To take pictures at the dance you have to let go, be surprised," sums Zapata. This is what he has done for Cadiz in the last 10 years to go with the rhythm of a dance freely and without boundaries. We expect more years of dancing. As much as rain."

I have Google Chrome so it automatically translates the article in English :P

Compared to other music instruments how hard is it to learn how to play the fiddle?

Compared to other music instruments how hard is it to learn how to play the fiddle?

Don’t listen to the naysayers who say you can’t do it. Of course you can.

Contrary to what Birgit says, it is NOT “nearly impossible” to learn to fiddle as an adult.

Contrary to what Mandaladreamer says, there is no reason to “doubt that you’d be any good at violin if you’re an adult”.

I took up the fiddle at age 33, and have been playing now for 16 years. I taught myself to play Appalachian old-time music by ear, and have a number of friends who play fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, and bass. Some of us get together regularly, twice a month, to jam for fun. In addition, I play with a local bluegrass group that meets weekly for rehearsals. I’ve played on a number of occasions for local square dances and have performed at international folk festivals in Europe. I’m not a full-time professional musician but I do give lessons occasionally. So YES, you certainly can learn to fiddle, and do it well, as an adult. But you do need to be prepared to put the time in. It will most likely take several years to get proficient at it and to develop an authentic sounding traditional fiddling style, whether you’re interested in Irish, Scottish, Southern Appalachian, Cajun, Quebecois, Texas style, whatever. Each style has its own distinctive rhythmic pulse, bowing patterns, ways of ornamenting the melody, ways of harmonizing the tune with doublestops and open string drones, and repertoire. In order to absorb the style(s) you want to play, you should listen, listen, listen to as much music as possible in the style you want to play – in your case, listen not just to Irish fiddling but also to uilieann piping, Irish flute playing, mandolin and tenor banjo, all of it – you want to absorb the sound of the music into your bones and your soul; only then will that sound come out into your playing.

If you do Irish ceili dancing, you’ve got a good start; at least you’re listening to the music, and dancing to it helps tremendously to get the rhythm into your body. I would suggest that you find a fiddle teacher if at all possible – someone who plays Irish music would be best. If you want to play Irish music, I don’t recommend classical violin lessons, at least not more than a few basic lessons to learn how to hold the fiddle and bow and a few basic scales in first position – unless you find a classical violin teacher who is openminded enough to help you work on fiddling as opposed to violin playing.

Fiddle and violin are physically the same instrument, with some minor differences in set-up perhaps; what really makes them different is the attitude and approach that players take to the instrument. Over the last several centuries, violin players and composers for the violin have developed the instrument’s capacity for vocal-like melody to the nth degree; whereas over the last several centuries, fiddlers have developed the instrument’s capacity for rhythmic danceable groove to a far greater extent than violinists have ever done. In the hands of a good dance fiddler, the violin is almost as much a rhythm instrument as it is melody. This different approach can’t be learned from a classical violinist, unless that violinist is also an experienced fiddler. If you know some Irish musicians or belong to a folk music organization where you can meet other musicians and get involved in learning to play with others, that would be the best.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Check out The Fiddle Hangout website, a discussion board for fiddlers and fiddle music enthusiasts to discuss their favorite instrument:

Also on this date Sunday, September 1, 2024...