National Mushroom Month on September, 2024: poll did you know it is national hamburger month in the usa?

September, 2024 is National Mushroom Month 2024. Maggiano's Chef's Table National Mushroom Month,

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poll did you know it is national hamburger month in the usa?

I had no idea. Weird I answer a ton of questions in dining too.

I like bacon, onions, cheese, pickles, lettuce and mayo on a burger.

How much magic mushrooms should I take for a dose?

How much magic mushrooms should I take for a dose?

If they're decent quality cubensis (which I assume they are since it's the most commonly used kind) somewhere around 2g should do the trick for your first time. You could probably split a quad (7g) between four people and that'd be fine too, maybe just a little weaker (if they're good you'll still feel it though, and it'll be a good intro to shrooms). Around here (Los Angeles) quads are usually 50-60 bucks, but that'll depend on the availability where you live.

Have fun, be SAFE, and happy tripping!


By the way, I think the idiots below me need to do a little research instead of blindly following whatever the DEA and popular opinion tells them to. Magic mushrooms have been used for hundreds of thousands of years (up to a MILLION years by some estimates) and according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (a branch of the Center for Disease Control) they are less toxic than aspirin. Not to mention that psilocybin mushrooms have no potential for addiction.

Studies at many universities including the University of Arizona, NYU, and Johns Hopkins (whose study was funded by none other than the United States government) have found that magic mushroom use has an incredible variety of benefits to mental health and well-being. Psilocybin mushrooms have consistently shown therapeutic uses for everything from depression to obsessive-compulsive disorder to even cluster headaches (the notorious "suicide headaches" known as the worst pain syndrome known to man).

Aside from that, studies like the one at Johns Hopkins have found that these mushrooms have fostered spiritual experiences which were ranked by 1/3 of the subjects as "the most spiritually meaningful experience of their lives" and by 2/3 of the subjects rated it as "one of the top five experiences in their life, and compared it to such life-altering moments as the birth of their first child or a parent's death" (note that the study was performed on adults with no history of drug use). In many cases, there were reports of a general greater happiness for months following the single experience.

So please, enough with the whole "drugs are bad mmkay" routine and actually think for yourselves for once, using actual scientific facts instead of propaganda and leftover public anti-hippie sentiment. The truth may surprise you.

Is this national alert level ( fear alert... lol ) even mean anything anymore?

Is this national alert level ( fear alert... lol ) even mean anything anymore?

The reason many of us Liberals talk about this Terror Alert as being a tool to instill fear is because of how it was used in the period of time between its creation and the 2004 Election. I knew of a lot of people that were extremely paranoid after 9/11, and every time the level went up, they, and the media would always expect the worst.

It may have no always resulted in "fear", but that seems to be the intent when you watched the news during those days. Remember the Pre-Iraq War Rhetoric of "Mushroom Clouds" and the Election Season warnings of if Kerry won we'd have "another 9/11"? Tell me that isn't instilling fear.

The alert level has barely even been acknowledged since the 2004 Joke of an Election. Reason being that there isn't any reason to scare the nation as a whole into political obedience.That probably won't be necessary until between a week and a month before the next Congressional election.

Remember the definition of Fascism; a government based on reactionary and dictatorial rule. How is BOOsh different?

Also on this date Sunday, September 1, 2024...