Childrens' Good Manners Month on September, 2023: Unlawful deduction of wage?

September, 2023 is Childrens' Good Manners Month 2023.

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Unlawful deduction of wage?

A contract of employment, most people think, is just a thing that employees have to follow, but it is in fact applicable to both sides, sumarrising what both sides agree to fulfill.

Even if she did not sign her name on a line, there is still a contract in force.

One of the standard terms of employment is that the employer will pay wages in a timely manner. The fact that the employer has not had bills paid is not the fault of the employees, so the employees cannot be held liable.

Small claims court is possibly a latter resort, but your daughter needs to tell the employer that they want money, or none of the staff will work. The employees are legally entitled to get paid.

Child custody, please help!?

Child custody, please help!?

Actually your sister in CA may be a viable option. The state is obligated to attempt reunification. So they'll make the first sister go through all manner of therapy while giving her strictly supervised visitation with her children. If the children were in CO, that wouldn't be possible.

Both you and your sister should ask to be made interested parties and let them know that you're available to help however. It doesn't make you look indecisive, it makes it look like your family has multiple options.

Please practice editing my novel, if you are bored. Part 1 of chapter?

Please practice editing my novel, if you are bored. Part 1 of chapter?

Sorry that I'm not "editing", but I did a quick scan-through of it, and the grammar and punctuation seem fine. Just Two main things bugged me; Your paragraphs are quite small and have little adjectives - don't go so extreme as to over-describe though! Just add a bit more adjectives to each paragraph; and also, You seem to have quite a lot of Dialogue. If you have a look, most novels do not have Dialogue in every paragraph - usually only Childrens' stories.

Oh. And try to use Semi-colons. For example, in your sentence: "Your father won’t be coming home. That is why I’ve come.” Try saying : "Your father will not be coming home; that is why I have come."

OH. Sorry. Another thing. In Dialogue, when saying "..." he said. It continues on the sentence, for example:

"I tried to listen; yet he would not stop shouting in that god-awful tone that I cannot understand," said Victoire, with a hard look in her eye. Or, "My mother told me you would be here, and so I came," said Louise.


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