AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month on September, 2023: Show dogs in pet homes until they are shown.?

September, 2023 is AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month 2023. 2010 AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Survey 2010 AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Survey

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Show dogs in pet homes until they are shown.....?

We are actually considering doing this as well, once our litter is whelped, if there is a male we want to keep. We would co-own on paper and we would be responsible for showing and health testing, the owners would be responsible for keeping the dog and regular vet visits and we would retain breeding rights. Then, when the male is done being a sire (assuming the health clearances are good and he does well in the conformation ring) we would give full ownership to the person we co-own with. I would ask the breeder what your aunt would be expected to pay for and if at the end, she gets to keep the dog. And, if the dog can't show or breed for whatever reason, will your aunt have to pay full price or just for the neuter? Will your aunt's name be on the official AKC paperwork?

It is fairly common in breeds where intact males don't get along very well and the breeder keeps the dogs in the house. If they're kenneling dogs, it doesn't matter, but if your dogs live in the house with you, it can be difficult having more than one male that isn't neutered.

Make sure your aunt has a written contract that spells everything out.

How do i get my dog certified?

How do i get my dog certified?

Hopefully, you have purchased your dog from a breeder/private ownership or pet store, for my answer to be correct. If you ad more details, I will edit my answer to be able to help you properly. At the time of purchase, you are normally given a pedigree and an agreement to forward you your dogs papers. The previous owner first registers the litter and from there the ownership is transferred to you. In accordance with the Canadian or American Kennel Club, this has to be done by the time your puppy is six months. Some breeders have a contract with you that you can not breed your dog, therefore, you have to prove, by way of a vet receipt showing your dog has been spayed or neutered. This Agreement is called a breeding contract. Please give more details so I will know who is responsible for the registration and I'll put you on my watch list so I can get back to you, if required. Hope you are enjoying having a new fur kid in the house.

Are White German Shepherds good family dogs?

Are White German Shepherds good family dogs?

The problem with Yahoo Answers is that it's sometimes hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. You've had some good answers but you've also had some really, really bad ones. Anybody who tells you that American White Shepherds or White German Shepherd Dogs or White Swiss Shepherds (genetically they're all the same) are inherently bad dogs is horribly uneducated, misinformed or just simply wrong. Ask your question on the German Shepherd Dog Forum here:

The thousands of forum members there are very knowledgable about the GSD breed and they'll be the first to tell you that a well bred white GSD is every bit as good, healthy and stable as a regular color GSD. The idea that they are somehow naturally more agressive is ridiculous. In my opinion, the vet that the vet tech quotes on this likely just had a bad experience with one (as you can with any dog). There aren't ANY statistics that support this. In fact, a lot of people suggest that the white is LESS aggressive and intense than its colored brethren. There's some evidence for that due to its being used less often in protection work - though many law enforcement agencies use them for detection and tracking.

It is true that white is a disqualifying fault in the AKC - but that just means that you can't show the dog in conformation. You can still register them and compete with them in the full range of AKC sponsored activities. It IS allowed to show in the UKC (the 2nd largest breed club in the United States). There are no less than five breed clubs specifically devoted to the White Shepherd or White German Shepherd Dog. There are PLENTY of reputable breeders who focus on them. They do the full range of health tests on all of their dogs, show them and title in them conformation (in the UKC) and work them in obedience and other sports (in both AKC and UKC). Again, check with the members of the German Shepherd Dog Forum if you want to get their opinion on a certain breeder (NOT Yahoo Answers!!).

However, like any breed, you have to check the breeder carefully and be prepared to raise the dog responsibly. A bad dog can be made good by responsible and caring ownership and a good dog can be made bad by careless ownership. Don't rush into it. Read all you can. Talk to the breeder and look at their other dogs. Talk to other White Shepherd owners. The dog will be with you for upwards of 15 years - spend a few extra months selecting the right one.

Good luck.

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