Spanish Language Day 2021 is on Tuesday, October 12, 2021: What spanish language class can i take in spain that counts as credits in america?

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 is Spanish Language Day 2021.

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What spanish language class can i take in spain that counts as credits in america?

Spanish teachers need a diverse academic training program that goes well beyond basic foreign language classes. They must be able to teach about the culture of the Spanish speaking countries. They also need to be well-read in the literature of Hispanic cultures. Many foreign language programs require a basic knowledge of another language in the same linguistic family---such as French, Italian or Portuguese. Education courses also provide practical knowledge of teaching methodology.

Language Instruction

To become a Spanish teacher, a solid foundation of grammar---tenses, moods, punctuation, spelling rules and pronunciation---can be acquired in the first two years of study. A course on conversation is basic training for any future Spanish teacher.

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Spanish culture class will enable the Spanish teacher to communicate Spain's richness and trace its influence as the language spread throughout the Americas. Figures such as El Cid, Don Quixote and Pablo Picasso should be understood and appreciated by the future teacher.

Latin American culture class explores the diversity of cultures, ethnicities, language groups and racial mixture of Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Hernan Cortes, Simon Bolivar, the Incas, Mayans, Aztecs and Tainos are all part of this culture.


A Spanish teacher must explore the literature of Spain and Latin America. Elective literature classes can cover authors such as Miguel de Cervantes, Octavio Paz, Federico Garica Lorca, Ernesto Sabato, Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. All literary genres should be accounted for in the program including poem, essay, short story, drama and novel.

How do you see the Spanish language?

How do you see the Spanish language?

I believe Spanish language is wonderful and unique, and scientists from all over the world say it's one of the most advanced for its phonology.

I believe this is also true because when you are reading it you're not worried about pronunciation, as the 5 vowels have only 1 sound each, and not 20 like in French language.

The Spanish language is extremely diverse, more than any other language do, something that I like really much.

I enjoy Spanish language every day and I will keep doing so.

The Spanish people are weird.?

The Spanish people are weird.?

First of all, Spanish is generally referred to as Castilian and it is the proper language. However, all the hispanic countries have their own dialect or form of Spanish and pronunciation is different. In Colombia, they speak one way and I was taught Colombian Spanish, and in Chile they speak differently. My daughter who had 1 year of Spanish went to Chile on an exchange and got better grades during her exchange - in Spanish class than the Chilean girls she was living with. Her "sisters" thee were not used to the Castilian which was Spanish in my daughter's high school.

Usually the various dialects can understand one another, even Portuguese (& Brazilians) can understand the Spanish as well.

It is good in the country you are in to speak the language if you can. I am so thrilled that when I visit Mexico the people are happy when I try to speak Spanish even though I am not very good at it. They help me a bit and love to practice their English. They make a lot more money by knowing English as the jobs are in tourist areas (Puerto Vallarta) and I love the interaction with the people.

For us the Brittish English is weird and it is hard to understand and Australian is more difficult. But we are just as weird to them. And all are right as it is their language or their dialect.

My Colombian Spanish had something more like "Jo" instead of "Yo" but in different places it sounds a bit different. We need to be more tolerant of one another. It is hard.

But you should not have been ashamed of how they spoke as they may have been speaking very properly and even more formally as Castilian is a formal language. You are Mexican background and so you speak a Mexican dialect just as Americans speak an American dialect of English, not the Brittish.

One of the first words I learned and needed was "despacio" and I don't know if I spelle it correctly or not. Then it is followed by "por favor" and sounds like por fabor" many times.

Isn't it interesting. In some ountries they can't even undersand one anther between tribes or areas of the country. My husband visited in the Phillipines for 11 years and he spoke Tagalog (sounds like Ta gal ic) but here ae many many dialects there. They also speak Spanish becasue of long Spanish rule.

By the way, the Moslems didn't defeat Spain or not all of it and Spain and the catholic church made it miserable for the and the Jews. They had to recant their religion or die. Many lied and many died. So true Spainards should be called wihite. The Spanish who mixed with other groups in Mexico were white. Other groups were Indians and French and Americans.

Isn't it wonderful to speak more than one language? I think that is a wonderful gift. I still have to wor on it as my Spanish is not good.

Also on this date Tuesday, October 12, 2021...