Earth Science Week on October, 2024: How to do better in Earth Science Regents?

Earth Science Week 2024.

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How to do better in Earth Science Regents?

I took the Earth Science regents last year.

I would say carefully read the questions.

Make sure you use the reference tables.

Don't stress out.

Buy a barrens regents book for earth science and review.

Study all your notes to refresh your memory.

Study the areas that you are struggling in and getting wrong on practice exams.



Also, google 117 ways to pass the earth science regents and read that.

I wish you the best of luck!

In the bible it said the earth started out 6,000 years ago. Science proves its around 6

In the bible it said the earth started out 6,000 years ago. Science proves its around 6.4 billion years ago..?

Science DOES NOT prove the earth is ancient.

Quite the opposite.

you are right that the Bible clearly claims that the earth is young. Those that claim otherwise disagree with Jesus - who said that Adam and Eve were created "in the beginning". And with God's own finger when he wrote on the tablets that he created in 6 days with a day rest as a model for our 7 day week.

Evolutilonsts choose to interpret the evidence to try and support their 'religious' ideas.

It is curious that most people accept assurances that the earth is old, despite the fact that most dating methods suggest the earth is young.

These methods range across many different scientific disciplines.

The existence of short lived comets (they would not exist if the galaxy was old. The Oort cloud was invented to explain them, but has no observational support whatsoever.)

The recession of the moon. The moon is receding from the earth at about an inch each year. This puts an upper limit on the earth/moon system far less than 4.5 billion years.

The earth's magnetic field is decreasing, and has been measured for a hundred years of so. Extrapolating backwards puts a low upper limit on the age of life on earth. Life cannot survive in very high magnetic field.

Not enough salt in the sea. We can measure the inflow and outflow of salt. If the oceans had started with no salt they would have reached their current salinity in a short time.

The same method applies to dozens of other minerals too, not just salt.

Too much helium in rocks. Helium, being very light, escapes from rocks, yet is found in rocks alleged to be very ancient.

Too little helium in the upper atmosphere. This was pointed out in Nature as long ago as 1957.

Coal and diamonds contain carbon 14. Carbon 14 decays to immeasurable amounts in about 50000 years. Yet all coal and some diamonds (all alleged to be ancient) have been found to contain carbon 14.

Erosion. The average height reduction for all the continents of the world is about 60 mm (2.4 inches) per 1,000 years, which equates to some 24 billion tonnes of sediment per year

On the scale of one human life-span, these rates of erosion are low. But for those who say the continents are billions of years old, the rates are staggering. A height of 150 kilometres (93 miles) of continent would have eroded in 2.5 billion years. It defies common sense. If erosion had been going on for billions of years, no continents would remain on Earth.

This problem has been highlighted by a number of geologists who calculated that North America should have been levelled in 10 million years if erosion has continued at the average rate. This is a ridiculously short time compared with the supposed 2.5-billion-year age for the continents.

And there are many others: Saturn’s rings defy old age explanations; There are different types of stars, and according to evolutionary theory there are the wrong number of the different types; Mercury is the densest planet and according to evolutionary theory should not be where it is; Mercury has a magnetic field, contrary to evolutionary predictions; the sun has far too little angular momentum for old-age evolutionary theories.

Dinosaur bones, alleged to be millions of years old, have been found containing red blood cells – hardly 65 million years old! (this has been documented by secular scientists – see National Geographic for example).

Much evidence for age is clearly faulty, and often involves radiometric dating. Rock from Mt St Helens volcano was dated as millions of years old when it is known to be just decades.

Of course all dating methods rely on observations in the present and assumptions about the past. If there was one method indicating youth for every method indicating great age, then it would be reasonable to doubt the young earth methods. But there are 10 (or more) methods indicating youth for every method suggesting great age. One wonders why scientists not only ignore the majority of evidence, but actively suppress it.

Earth Science Regents?

Earth Science Regents?

definatley keep using the barrons regents review books. they helped me. I took the Earth Science Regents last year. I got a 76. Make note cards. and just keep taking pratice regents. can help too.

good luck on your regents. :]

hope i helped. :]

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