"Sorry Charlie" Day 2021 is on Tuesday, April 6, 2021: My dog Charlie died 906 what is wrong with me?

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 is "Sorry Charlie" Day 2021. April 6, 2012: Driving while Drowsy Day, Passover, Sorry Charlie ... Sorry Charlie Day:

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My dog Charlie died 9/06 what is wrong with me?

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am so sorry about your loss of Charlie. My husband and I lost two dogs in six months. One was our 16 year old dachshund who became paralyzed in May 2006. Surgery was not an option, as he had numerous health problems including a heart problem, seizures and Cushings disease.

A few months later, one of our beloved German shepherds was diagnosed with cancer. He had Prostatic Transitional Cell Carcinoma. He was always fed a good diet free of by-products and artificial preservatives. He was neutered, not overweight, got plenty of exercise, and he was just six years old. He was like a child to us. He was one of those dogs who knew what you were going to ask him to do before you even said it. I could write for days on how much we loved him.

My dog's only symptom was constipation. I had six of the best vets from day one to help me. Once he was diagnosed, I immediately took him to one of the largest specialty clinics in our area an hour away from home. He had two Board Certified Veterinary Oncologists and round the clock care if needed. One of the vets at our clinic is also a holistic vet and her husband is one of the oncologists at the specialty clinic. I had every single thing at my fingertips to try to beat this cancer both with regular medical treatment, holistic treatment, and nutrional supplements and diet change. I could've reached any of the veterinarians at home day or night if needed, too.

To say I became obsessed is putting it mildly. I ordered books online about beating cancer. I spent hours on the internet reading. I wasn't sleeping, I was crying at work all the time. My coworkers were phenominal, as they love their pets just as much. My one thought was to try to treat him but to stop if he became miserable. I was not going to torture him. He had two rounds of chemotherapy, which did not make him sick. I tried to add supplements to his diet, but he wanted no part of them. He was a very sensitive dog. If you tried to force him to take a lot of pills, he'd find a way to spit them out (and I'm really good at giving dogs pills, by the way), then he'd refuse to eat at all. So I fed him what he wanted, which turned out to be boiled chicken and rice, Chicken McNuggets, and spaghetti with meatballs. I'd try anything at mealtime. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. I did the best I could with a few supplements, and kept him comfortable between treatments. Within two months despite all of our efforts, his cancer had spread to his bone.

All I want to say is, please forgive yourself. You did the best you could at the time. There is no guarantee that Charlie would have beaten his cancer. I had every single thing, every single source of treatment known to veterinary medicine, other than a bladder and prostate transplant, at my fingertips, and I still lost my beloved dog. Most of all, know that Charlie knows how much you loved him and still do. Pets treat us better than a lot of humans. Why shouldn't we be allowed to grieve deeply for them? Don't be afraid to ask for counseling. It can work wonders. People who deal with grief from losing a pet will not think you're stupid for feeling the way you do. Again, you did the best you could at the time. And remember, sometimes even the best isn't good enough to beat cancer.

Take care.

Where does Charlie Mcdonnell live?

Where does Charlie Mcdonnell live?

sorry I almost searched ALL of google to answer but I couldnt find anything except that he's from bath ( as someone already said) and that he lives in london now BUT I got a way to contact him so I did message him your question and also some others cause I'm a huuuge charlie fan too :D from canada. so when I get a answer (hopefully) I let you know.

but you'll probably do it too. anyway here's the site

Any good Zombie Books? Not the Enemy Series sorry :)?

Any good Zombie Books? Not the Enemy Series sorry :)?

The Living Dead is a short story anthology about zombies edited by John Joseph Adams. It's got a lot of different takes on the zombie myth.

World War Z by Max Brooks

Cell by Stephen King

Day by Day Armageddon by JL Bourne

Tooth and Nail by Craig Dilouie

Autumn by David Moody

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