Bat Appreciation Week on April, 2023: Why is the economy crashing?

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Why is the economy crashing?

This is really too complex to answer with a definite problem to pinpoint.

Regulations were loosened on lenders in the mortgage industry in the mid nineties. This allowed for an inflated housing market. When I was living in Florida and I saw my blue-collar neighbors buying houses for $300-400k with the median income somewhere around $40k/yr for a family of four and double digit appreciation it was a clue that something was wrong. But the lenders were in the clear because of these things called credit default swaps which bacically allowed them to roll all of those bad mortgages together and sell them off with an insurance wrap betting that 'surely all those mortgages can't go bat at once, and even if they did lookey at those double-digit appreciation figures!' Then oil prices started to skyrocket...oops. 'Joe Thousandaire' saw that same measly paycheck didn't have the extra forty bucks a week to put into his tank. Houses stopped selling and everybody panicked and put their houses on the marked along with all the house flippers and investors trying to liquidate. Suddenly something unheard of happened. Prices started declining. Well 'Joe Thousandaire' couldn't tap that sweet home equity for living expenses and started falling behind. Well the assets (houses/mortgages) were now worth less and the borrower could no longer make payments and the financial institutions began having to write down the value of the loans on their books and the insurance companies began having to cover the losses. Not good.

The final nail in the coffin was the fact that all of this began to sour the mood of the consumer and the media's began it's relentless warnings of a recession even when we had positive GDP growth. With a consumer driven economy it all hinges on consumer sentiment. We all stopped buying stuff (that we really couldn't or shouldn't have afforded in the first place.) And here we are.

How do I confront my ex without seeming "needy" or mad about it ?

How do I confront my ex without seeming "needy" or mad about it ?

No guy wishes to hear the dreaded words 'we need to talk'. Thats setting you up for distance right off the bat. If you wish to be back with him and it sounds as if you do, you will have to give him space first. You cannot make it sound as though you are holding a grudge or that you are upset. Instead approach it as a very good friend you do not wish to lose and show genuine concern for the changes in his behavior. He isnt acting like his usual self for a reason. Find out what it is without being quick to make assumptions. Maybe don't directly adress you and him relationship wise. Ask him about life in general and figure out if anything has been stressing him lately. See if he is vague or not. Maybe open up to what has been stressing you so he can feel more comfortable to come clean himself.

Figure out what is going on in this guys head this is the only way you will be able to understand what is going on everything else will be heresay and he will be on the defense mostly if you approach the situation as if he is in trouble. This may be why he is distancing himself. I think you have the upper hand, he is willing to see you so just try to be nice to him until you get him face to face.

Let him know how you are feeling about this distance and let him know that you just want things how they were. The issue is him really does he want things how they were. Are you willing to accept if he wants things to stay as they are? While being apart what have you guys done to improve the actual problems that caused the breakup to begin with? If you cant come up with much maybe its best not to get back together. He has vocalized many times he wants to focus on his career you have to respect his if you are not willing to wait on him its okay to let him know you cannot continue waiting on his decision. As for the gift, see how he responds to the conversation first then give it to him accordingly as a reward to show your appreciation. If you feel as though he is undeserving, you dont have to relinguish the gift as this moment. Maybe wait until you get back...?

My 2/10 month old shih-tzu puppies have always been crated at night and slept fine- about 8 hours

My 2/10 month old shih-tzu puppies have always been crated at night and slept fine- about 8 hours at night.?

That's weird that they were fine in the beginning but now are crying out. My Shih Tzu did that from the start when we got her and started crate training her right off the bat, but we just HAD to ignore her or she'd know she would get attention when she cried. I don't know what you've tried but, here are some suggestions:

-take away their water 2-4 hours before bedtime, have them go potty right before bedtime. That way their bladder will be empty and not wake up having the urge to pee. Make sure they get as much water as they want during the day time.

-I know it's hard, but you need to ignore them when they start crying if you want to continue to crate them at bed time. Maybe there's an area in your apartment that will muffle their cried from your neighbors better; if it's not too hot, maybe pad their crates with blankets/comforters to muffle their cries even more. Remember, it only takes ONE time of weakness and they will know that their cries will have your attention.

-Be a good neighbor: send note cards explaining your situation and thanking them for their patience, give little gift baskets of cookies or plants to show your appreciation for their patience while you are training your babies. Introduce your babies to your neighbors so they get to know your pups...your neighbors will feel involved in the training and maybe even help out. Who can resist puppies, especially Shih Tzu puppies (I LOVE TZUS).

-Practice crate training in the day time so they feel comfortable being in them at night.

You need to be firm in the beginning while they're still young so they'll learn good habits. You sound like you are doing the right thing by them. Wow, 2 Shih Tzus...they are lucky to have each other for company and are lucky to have caring owner. Have fun with them ^_^

FYI: my Chloe doesn't cry anymore in her crate, but it took about 6 months of ignoring her at night. Remember, though, that every dog is different. Chloe's half sister took to her training like it was nothing! Try leaving a safe toy in their crate, too.

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