National Volunteer Week on April, 2024: army national guard?.?

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army national guard?.................?

the guard is 1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year. most of hte time you're a civilian. yes you can volunteer to get deployed.

anyway theres a big difference in level of professionalism and competancy between the active and the

guard. do you think that ANYONE became good at their job by doing it 2 days a month plus a 14 day stint a year? no, they get taht way by doing it daily. same for the military, there is no ancient chinese secret to where 2 days of training a month equals 2 weeks (the average amount of time an infantryman or any combat arms soldier spends training each month) of training. its like comparing a peewee league football team to an NFL team: peewee will get together once a week or so for practice or a game. NFL players practice every day...and the difference shows.

If you work mday in the national guard, can u join the peace corp?

If you work mday in the national guard, can u join the peace corp?

Although the person who implies Peace Corps Volunteers don't like National Guard members is a doofus, you cannot be in the National Guard and Peace Corps at the same time.

Do you recognize that Peace Corps *requires* you to be out of the country for 27 months? Therefore, you cannot serve in the National Guard at the same time.

Do people in the National Guard actually work?

Do people in the National Guard actually work?

Two days a month and two weeks a year is the MINIMUM and even then that minimum can be increased involuntarily based on your unit or deployment timeline.

I've got three day weekends almost always and am in the midst of 7 weeks of training this summer.

It's what you make of it and what you volunteer for.

Also on this date Monday, April 1, 2024...