Explore Your Career Options Week on April, 2024: Career problem, help!?

Explore Your Career Options Week 2024.

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Career problem, help!?

Many adults don't even know what they want to do with their lives after they've already chosen a career. Just relax and explore your options. Take classes that you find interesting and get involved in activities outside of school. When you find something that you enjoy doing, keep working at it whether it seems like it would be a useful career or not. There may be a guidance counselor available to you who could give you a test to find out more about your strengths and interests. "What Color is your Parachute" by Richard Nelson Bolles would also offer some helpful insight for you.

Traditional college VS. Career Oriented?

Traditional college VS. Career Oriented?

Focus, focus, focus. It is time to narrow your choices down. Finish your LA, it will serve you well, and during that time truly explore your career options. Many people now work in careers completely opposite of what they focused on in college. You must decide what interests you have. Is it in numbers? Statistics? Science? Writing?

Talk to a guidance counselor at your school. They surely have different tests to assess your needs. Ours does.

Good luck, dear one. Get off the fence! smiling

what are the options i can pick for my GCSE?

what are the options i can pick for my GCSE?

Every schools different, but in an average school you have to take : english language, english literature, science,1/2 r.e and 1/2 i.t. you can usually choose 3/4/5 options out of:

-triple science (taking biology, chemistry and physics as 3 seperate gcses, instead of the normal science) - leads to careers such as medicine, forensics, anything that involves science. this is quite an academic option, and it means you have A LOT of science lessons (at least 1/2 a day)

-languages (whatever they do at your school i.e. frenhc, spanish, german) - helpful to take a language for any career choice as it shows great academic ability. it involves speaking, listening, reading and writing parts.

-full r.e course - involves learning about ethics and morals, not just pure r.e. useful for careers such as lawyer, police force, social worker

-full i.t course - just involves more i.t lessons, and more coursework. useful for pretty much any career, as most involve i.t in some shape or form.

-geography - includes human and physical geography. lots of field trips, which means time out of lessons - and also work to catch up on from other subjects. useful for many careers police force, anything in agriculture.

-history - you can imagine really lol. helpful for archeology, e.t.c, but is also a helpful option choice to support geography and also shows academic understnading to colleges and university

-design technology (reisitant materials) - involves mainly woodwork and metalwork. useful for joiner,y plumber, practical jobs

-design technology (food) - involves practical cooking, but also learning about nutrients, design briefs and sustainability. useful for careers involving cooking, but also agriculture and dietician. helpful for practical life skills as well.

-art - experienting with different styles of art e.g. textiles, paints, biro e.t.c mostly marked from coursework, so a good option if your not so good at exams. useful for any creative careers

-p.e - includes both practical and theory, playing the sports, learning about the body, how to maximise performance e.t.c again, a large proportion is coursework. useful for practical sporting careers, and physiotherapy e.t.c

-drama - acting and theory such as exploring the characters feelings, best stage positions e.t.c coursework orientated. useful for drama based careers, but also introduces you to the psychology behind people's thoughts, so could be helpful for many careers

-music - composition, theory and playing. a lot of practical work is involved, and i'd advise you only to do this if you think you're particularly talented in music. useful for musical career,s but also songwriters e.t.c

that's the main gcse's most schools offer really, but everyone is different. my main advise to you is to take what you enjoy, because that will make you happy and lead onto careers you'll enjoy. :)

good luck, and if you have any more questions feel free to email me through my page.

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