Consumer Awareness Week on April, 2024: what is consumer awareness awareness and its need?

Consumer Awareness Week 2024. FTC Announces National Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week, Jan. 13 ... raise awareness about tax

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what is consumer awareness awareness and its need?

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It is in a consumer's best interest to have a high awareness of the products he/she buys. Higher awareness can lead to saving money and/or improving the quality of the goods purchased, or in economic terms, increasing the chances of being on a higher (better) indifference curve.

If we look at the opposite scenario, a poorly-informed consumer will spend more money on products that provide less utility to the consumer, and there can be a loss, either private or social.

Naturally, awareness is not "free" in the economic sense: it requires time and energy, two valuable commodities to a consumer, to be informed. The idea is, however, that the marginal benefits of being informed and having good consumer awareness tend to outweigh the marginal cost of being informed, so it is usually worth it.

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Awareness on the part of consumer is necessary for two reasons.

(1) One needs to know his/her responsibilities and obligations as a consumer, to get the best out of the product/service that was purchased.

(2) One needs to know his/her rights as a consumer, to get an effective redressal in case of deficiency of service / defective product.

Let me explain these two issues as short as possible.

Whenever we purchase a product/service we expect to get the best out of it and that it lasts as long as promised.

To get the best out of it (let it be a food item/lifestyle product or any thing), we must know how to use the product, how to store/preserve it so that it remains good throughout its life and how to dispose it off safely in the end. This knowledge, not only saves a few bucks, as you are utilising the last drop of the juice but also gives you full satisfaction or delight.

Just in case the product/service fails to meet your expectations, you have to ascertain your right of redressal.

In order to get a successful redressal (replacement, refund or compensation whatever it is), you have to prove that you have fulfilled all your obligations as a consumer and in spite of that the product/service failed to deliver what was promised.

There lies the need for consumer awareness. Consumer education can play a very important role in protecting the environment. Today, we are facing environmental crisis in the form of global warming pollution, ozone depletion. etc.

The root causes of the environmental crisis are overuse of natural resources and

over consumption in the affluent societies.

Exploding world population and excessive consumerism are making the problem almost unmanageable.

Population as well as over consumerism need to be curbed. Consumer education will go a long way in curbing over consumerism.

Let’s know about the benefits of consumer education to individuals:

• It encourages critical thinking, which helps consumers function more efficiently in the marketplace.

• It promotes self-confidence and independence.

• It imparts life skills which contribute to success in everyday living.

• It fosters values such as distinguishing between needs and wants, paying bills, saving money, planning and budgeting.

• It improves the quality of life as well as environment.

Consumer education benefits society because it :

• Enhances citizen awareness.

• Promotes a stable society.

Consumer education benefits business because:

• It satisfies customers.

• It increases sales.

The ordinary citizen today depends on products, design and construction of which he or she may not understand. In this situation, reassurance is an over-riding need; reassurance that the product is reliable and will meet the expectations of the consumers in terms of performance, safety, durability etc.

Need For Consumer Awareness

It has been observed that the people for,whom various schemes have been taken up by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), in fact, do not get benefit as expected. This is mainly because they are not fully aware of these schemes and their benefits.

Also, only knowledgeable and alert consumers aware of their rights and responsiblities can protect themselves effectively. The need of the hour is, therefore, to educate the common consumers particularly those in rural areas who are more susceptible to exploitation. Once they are educated and made aware of the schemes that have been drawn up for their benefit and also the redressal forum that is available, the benefit of various schemes, in true sense, will reach the common consumers of the country.

It is, therefore, our bounden duty to play our part jointly and effectively in disseminating various schemes to the common consumers of the country. In this regard, the role of the voluntary consumer organizations, consumer activists, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and media cannot be ignored.The first and the foremost step for a consumer to prevent himself from cheating is to keep his eyes and ears open. Know or be aware of what is happening around you. Read the cases of various scams, thefts, burglaries, phishing scams etc. in that are highlighted in your local newspaper and also seen on television. This will keep you informed and conscious of what is going on and what can unfortunately even happen with you.

• Learn from the mistakes of your neighbors. If a shopkeeper has given a malfunctioning gadget to your neighbor, do not make the mistake of going to that shop. If somebody stole important mails from their mailbox, do make it a point to collect all your crucial mails directly from the post office.

• Never reveal personal identity to a stranger. You go for a morning walk and a man over their tries to be extra amiable even asks you to come home for lunch etc. does not imply that he wants your friendship or that he is a genuine person. So do not disclose your residence, telephone numbers, your workplace numbers etc. to him unless you gather complete information from a known person about him. Avoid giving personal details on phone. If you receive calls from unknown place that offers you some benefits and asks for your particulars, don’t be carried away by that. Tell your particulars only when you are sure that the call is genuine and that there is no other way out.

• Do not rely much on courier services. If you an access to the place where you have to deliver the parcel, take out some time and go yourself.

• Do not hand over your credit or debit cards even to your friends. It is foolish to trust someone blindly nowadays. Never tell your friends or colleagues to check your mails while you are holidaying with your family. It is not wise to let others know your password and mails.

• When you are out for shopping in the market, do not carry much cash. Keep the tentative amount and credit or debit card in case of emergency. This will not only help you do a regulated shopping but will also save you from many pitfalls.

• Before purchasing any commodity, always read the manufacturing date, the expiry date and the MRP carefully.

• Never forget to take all the bills and an assurance for the warranty period. Take the bills for each and every thing you buy and it is advisable to take things on a longer warranty basis even if you have to pay a little more for it.

• If while coming back home you lose your wallet, call up the police and register your complaint. This can protect you from the illegal use your documents by the one who picks them up. It is better that you de not carry your essentials every time you move out of the house.

• Keep all the emergency numbers (like the social security unit of your area, the police station number etc.) stored in your mobile phone. Also what is vital for your security is to keep a back up record in a diary of all the essential numbers in your phone and addresses. This will facilitate you with all the information in case you lose your mobile phone.

Where can I find a list of appreciation and awareness months?

Where can I find a list of appreciation and awareness months?

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1-31 Skin Cancer Awareness Month

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3 National Day of Prayer

3 United Nations World Press Freedom Day

3 Kentucky Derby

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8 VE-Day Anniversary

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14-25 Cannes Film Festival

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26 Memori

what is the role of producers in protection of consumer rights?

what is the role of producers in protection of consumer rights?

now many of you are in that consumer awareness class?

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