International Whistlers Week on April, 2024: Can you give me a good itinerary for a 1 week trip in Vancouver? It has to be cheap and I'm staying

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Can you give me a good itinerary for a 1 week trip in Vancouver? It has to be cheap and I’m staying

"Hi" .....Firstly here's a list of Hostels in Vancouver and they are all good as we have a lot of young International travellers visit us.

Ok here of the things you should get is a "Transit Pass" which is good on the buses,the Sky Train, and the Sea Bus ( inexpensive harbour tour to North Vancouver)....this gives you access to to Lynn Canyon and the Capilano Suspension Bridge plus access to Grouse Mountain and the Sky Ride to the top

and you'll be able to see the Grizzly orphanage,and there is lots to do up there and of course the view is incredible.

With a transit pass you can also visit via the sky train and all of the outlying areas ( Burnaby, New Westminster etc etc.) and if you like large Malls then MetroTown is one of the stops in Burnaby and this Mall is huge.

As concerns a Transit Pass this will also give you a very inexpensive way to vist Victoria on Vancouver Island and it's our Capital city . Has tons to do there from the Museum to the Parliament Builds to some great pubs and shops.The ferry ride across the straights is beautiful but for a Vic trip you need a full day. You can easily see Butchart Gardens if you give yourself anough time.On a side note if you want to overnight in Vic they have great Hostels and that might be the way to go...spend a night and that way you can see lots and come back the next day.

Greyhound goes to Whistler (Home for the 2010 winter Olympics) from Vancouver and that's certainly worth a look at...the Sea to Sky Highway is quite spectacular and rather interesting at certain moments ! lol Again however a full day is required! If you do go the "Zip Line' is a hoot as well as the Gondola !

I'm throwing in a web cam of Whistler that you can look at...a tad different than Scotland...also have a look at the Gallery section......

Now as concerns beautiful downtown Vancouver itself there is a variety of things to do which are "Free" or inexpensive, from Granville Island, to Gas Town,Robson St., China Town, Stanley Park, Vancouver Art Gallery, the Lookout, Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver Museum and Observatory, Imax Theatre and great shopping and lots of Pubs and great multinational "food" places ! *lol

I'd suggest you "Yahoo" or "Google" these places mentioned above and you'll be pleasantly surprised as they are all easy to get to especially Granville Island and Stanley Park .

You'll find when you are here that Vancouver that is a safe city and one can walk around and just enjoy the many facets it has to offer quite easily ! The spectacular views of ocean and mountain , and our beaches ( English Bay, Kitsilano and Wreck Beach ) are complimentary of course ! *lol*

I'm not sure if this is your idea of entertainment but one of the things that you may very well enjoy is the "Anthropology Museum" at is world class actually and explains B.C. from it's earliest days ( Ice Age ) and has one of the best "First Nations" exhibits, bar none, anywhere in the world...seriously !

Anyway there is tons to do and you won't be bored !

Here's some interactive maps...for navigation purposes and a good web site as regards Vancouver......

Hope that helps ya and a "Welcome" to Vancouver ! *S* (Michael C)

where is a good place to stay in canada?

where is a good place to stay in canada?

You definitely need to start by choosing what kind of terrain/atmosphere in Canada you want to see. If you want to see big cities and French Canada, go East to Quebec. If you want to see more Wilderness, mountains, ect. Go West!

I personally prefer the West side of Canada (thats where I live) in particular Alberta and B.C.. Banff is a beautiful mountain town, and there is lots to do everywhere between Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Kamloops, Vancouver, ect... Also if you do go West, go hiking and spend time in the mountains. Whistler is a beautiful little town in B.C. and Millarville is a very cute little place in Alberta.... It really depends what you want to see though: CANADA IS HUGE!!!!

As for places to stay, if you want something fancier, stay in a city like Calgary or someplace with lots of options. Otherwise, there are lots of youth hostels and bed and breakfasts all over the place. If you want to stay at youth hostels, get a Youth Hostel international card and you will get discounts: worth it haha :)

Enjoy your trip!

I’m heading to Vancouver in early August. What sort of things are there to do?

I'm heading to Vancouver in early August. What sort of things are there to do?

There are a lot of things that are worth seeing when in Vancouver. There are so many things to see and do.

Some of the more popular places to visit

--Coastal Mountains (Grouse, Seymour, Cypress) these provide an excellent view of the city as well as surrounding areas.

-- Sea to Sky Mountains -- (Blackcomb and Whistler) -- these are the mountains that where some of the fesitivities of the Olympics are happening in early 2010. Whistler, which is a mountain village where it is a full service village.

-- Science World -- this is where there are a lot of of science displays, and also I-Max plays through here as well with various topics.

-- Dr. Sun Yet San Gardens --- this is located in Chinatown, and is a very serene area to go. This is very pretty, and picturesque, and there are a lot of birds that like visiting here.

-- Vancouver Aquarium -- this is filled with Coastal Wildife that has come there to be rehabilitated, as well as some other displays of other species that live in our coastal waters.

-- Stanley Park -- this is one of the largest parks within the city of Vancouver located in downtown Vancouver. The other one is Pacific Spirit Park which is located near the UBC university.

-- Vancouver Game Farm -- this is located in Aldergrove, and is a very interesting place to visit, if you're wanting to look at some animals that live there.

-- Whale Watching-- there are some tours that leave here towards Victoria I believe the company is Prince of Whales

There are some other areas that you can explore while coming to British Columbia as well, that isn't directly in Vancouver, but are interesting to see as well. Some websites that might be of help to you when you're here are: Translink Hello BC and also Vancouver Tourism . The Vancouver International Website is

I hope that this helps you, and hope that you will enjoy your visit!

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