National Karaoke Week on April, 2025: Why have people forgotten Autism Awareness Month?

National Karaoke Week 2025.

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Why have people forgotten Autism Awareness Month?

No, I'm not disappointed because I didn't have high expectations. There are many reasons why Autism Awareness Month (and all the other themed month holidays) hasn't caught on yet:

1.The main reason is it's simply not commercial enough. Who wants to celebrate a holiday with no gifts, candy, cards, costumes, or decorations? Only people who have some sort of personal interest in autism.

2. It gets overshadowed by Easter, which has been around longer and has both commercial and religious meaning. Unless someone invents an Autism Bunny, Autism Awareness just can't compete.

3. It's a new holiday that most people have never heard of. It's not even on calendars.

4. It takes a whole month. There is a specific Autism Awareness Day (April 2) within the month, but none of the "Insert Theme Here" Month holidays have ever really caught on. I guess it doesn't really appeal to people.

5. There aren't specific activities or traditions that you're supposed to do, and no symbols (e.g. a Christmas tree) or mascots associated with it.

6. You don't get the day off school or work.

7. There are just too many themed months to remember, and every month has multiple themes.

I've never even heard of Couples' Month or Poetry Month, and I've only heard about National Karaoke Week on the Y!A homepage. I know it's Holocaust Remembrance Month, but I haven't heard much about it this year. If you want autism awareness to catch on, you'll have to be patient and try to promote it within your community as best you can.

What is there to do at Taiwan for 2 weeks?

What is there to do at Taiwan for 2 weeks?

1. Near 101 is the Eslite mall, Mitsukoshi, and the Taipei 101 Mall.

2. Check out for listings of good nightclubs, kareoke clubs and a few hotels.

Luxy is apparently quite well known in Taipei. $$ bring money.

might also be back up by now (last I checked it seemed it was down...)

3. near Taipei the best beach is called Baishawan beach. Your best bet to get there is a taxi, make sure you keep a mandarin address for your hotel to give the driver. It is probably about a 45 minute drive, if you tell the driver you will give him a set amount of money (600 NT seems reasonable but perhaps others who have actually done this can share what they paid to get there) he can take you there.

The other places in Taiwan with good beaches are Hualien and Kenting. Kenting is about 8 hour drive south (with the speed train it goes down to 2 hours to Kaohsiung and another 1.5 hours bus ride to Kenting)

Hualien is about a 4 hour drive east down through the coast area. Its a nice drive.

TV stations? They generally aren't into participatory live TV, its all canned and controlled by the KMT here. Its trash.

Almost everyone in TW likes having their picture taken as long as you ask. Some people do nothing but take their picture all day and blog it. check out for pics of taiwanese people who love themselves. (I think its all clean, though! I can't say I checked too carefully...)

Other main places to check (here comes my stock answer:)

Quick list:

Taipei 101, (Taipei)

National Palace Museum, (Taipei)

Taipei zoo, (Taipei)

Yangmingshan National Park, (Taipei) *good view of some steam vents from the volcano, and many walking trails with pretty flowers all year.

Jhi-Bei Mountain Village (between Taipei and Ilan)

*an interesting mountainside village that has a great view of the ocean. Small windy walking streets. Parking is hell for cars, bus this one if possible. Lots of mini lanes and teahouses and it was a former gold mining town. You can see the tailings and nastiness still in the water down the road where the mine shafts were. The town is nice but is pretty steeply built. That it has survived so many earthquakes, typhoons is actually quite a feat in itself!

Bei-Tou Hot Springs, (Taipei)

Shr-Lin Night Market (Taipei) *try the street food. Yum!

Taroko Gorge (Hualien) *rent a scooter if you are brave and travelling with 2p or alone. take a small 10 person or less bus if you arent. Or share the cost of renting a car with some other travellers for BEST experience. The BIG 30p+ buses are a problem on the tiny roads here in my opinion, and the roads are very sketchy in parts. But it is amazing.

Sun Moon Lake (Nantou) *on a weekday. Don't go on weekends unless you can handle crowds.

Kenting National Park and Beach areas. *also better on weekdays. Weekends are ugly crowds.

for other answers check:

Personally I think you will find Taipei (for modern development and an overall view of what western Taiwan looks like..) and Hualien (for natural beauty in the inner canyon and mountain ranges of the Pacific Rim) to be the best parts of your tour in Taiwan.

The Central MRT station is arguably a good tourist landmark as well.

How can I plan a two week trop to South Korean?

How can I plan a two week trop to South Korean?

My question is where in South Korea are you planning to visit? Well since this sounds like your first trip you sightseeing is a must, `n so is trying Korean cuisines `n drinking in Korean bars `n also hanging out in some of the malls there. I`ll give you some recommended places you should check out in Seoul `n in Busan. In 2 weeks time you can cover up most of the attractions for your time there~ Sightseeing in the day time `n partying at night ^^

Places you should visit in Seoul...

♥ For sightseeing

- Palaces `n temples around City Hall. Most of them are located there... (Some examples, Changdeokgung Palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace, etc.)

- Cheonggyecheon Stream which is close by to City Hall. It`s a relaxing place to hang out there especially later in the evening with all its beautiful lightings.

- Namsam Park, Namsam Tower. This tower is also best to go in the evening. There`s a prison around that area called Seodaemun Prison (it`s a prison built by Japan during the rule of South Korea.)

- To see traditional plays `n listen to folk music, I suggest Chongdong Theatre.

- Something to do : Han River boat cruise with the ferry. This is an easy, laid back way of of seeing Seoul city just with the ride.

♥ Amusement `n fun

- Lotte World! If you watch Korean dramas you`d see Lotte`s magical place on TV ^^ It`s adjacent to Lotte Hotel, `n also have a department store there with an ice rink on the bottom floor. They also have a roller coaster running indoors.

- Seoul Grand Park Zoo (This is one of the biggest zoos in Asia.)

♥ Shopping Mall `n market

- CoEx Mall. It`s the most popular one in Seoul `n the biggest with Megabox cinema, an aquarium `n a variety of restaurants from many different cultures.

- Namdaemun Market. This market is best to buy suveniors to bring back home as a memory of your trip.

♥ Night life in Seoul

Check out either or all of these areas... Just drop off at their stations `n you can find bars `n drinking places lined up in every corner. You can sing in Karaoke lounges, go clubbing `n drink til you drop. After all drinking is a custom in S. Korea.

- Gangnam (a little more expensive compared to others), Itaewon `n Shincheon

♥ As for eating `n drinking I`m sure your friend can recommend some cuisines. But just so she forgets, ask her about samgyetang, bulgogi/ galbi `n sannakji! Some might say it`s inhumane to eat live baby octopus but I see no crime in that.

Others : Going to concerts, festivals `n events. For example, DJ festival.


- THE BEACH!☆ (Dadaepo Beach, Gwangali Beach, Haeundae Beach take your pick) But Haeundae is the most popular one. Don`t forget to bring your swim wear just in case!

♥ Sightseeing

- The thing about sightseeing in Busan is that you gotta go far off from the city central... Beomeosa Temple Busan, Jangansa Temple

- Taejondae Park. There`s this beautiful white watch tower there, right by the beach.

♥ Shopping Mall `n market

- Kolon Underground shopping

- Gwangbok Ro. This street is best for shopping for fashion goods.

- As for buying suveniors, I recommend Choryang shopping.

♥ Drinking `n eating

- Nampodong, Seomyeon (Seomyeon is just loaded with drinking places) `n Pusan National University area

Also try checking out some hot springs there. I`d say they`re "better" than Seoul`s ^^

Also on this date Tuesday, April 1, 2025...