National Dream Hotline on April, 2023: had a dream that i fell asleep in class then was helped by military man?

National Dream Hotline 2023.

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had a dream that i fell asleep in class then was helped by military man?

First of all, every dream is about the dreamer. Dreams reflect your state of awareness. In your dream, you were in a place of learning (history class). You became unconscious and so therefore there was a need for discipline.

The prominent symbol in this dream is Military (German Gestapo). The "Dreamer’s Dictionary" by Dr. Barbara Condron is based on the Universal Language of Mind and says this: There are ideals worth fighting for in life. Anything worth accomplishing requires discipline to overcome inertia and the discord of laziness. Until the thinker establishes Self-discipline he/she will experience inner conflict arising from fear and doubt. This is the inner war waged until the thinker takes command of all aspects of Self, directing Self toward a singular ideal and purpose of Enlightenments.

If you have more questions about your dreams, you may consider calling or submitting your dream to during this weekend's 23rd annual National Dream Hotline®

how to dream about something?

how to dream about something?

It depends on you. It depends on how you use your mind, what your object is, and how often you think of it. The other responses will help you in terms of method. The only thing I will add is to understand your motives, so then you understand yourself and your passion/desires.

PS. Today is the last day of the 20th annual National Dream Hotline®. You can have your dreams interpreted by a Dreamologist by calling (417) 345-8411. The School of Metaphysics 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization is the sponsor of this event.



Do your dreams ever mean anything?

Do your dreams ever mean anything?

Most dreams are about events of the day that your mind replays during your sleep. The people in them are characters cast by your psyche to play a certain role in your dream but it's all about you and not them. In some rare instances there are people who have dreams that are a premonition of events to come. Would it be creepy to share your dream with your best friend?


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