Global Youth Service Days on April, 2025: The national youth Leadership council?

Global Youth Service Days 2025. Global Youth Service Week Global Youth Service Day

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The national youth Leadership council?

The National Youth Leadership Council hosts the National Service-Learning Conference every year. This year, they are co-hosting with youthrive - the Upper Midwest affiliate of PeaceJam International. The conference is a great professional development opportunity that has different tracks with workshop series that are targeted for school administrators, "rookies" or those who are new to service-learning, youth leadership, STEM, workshops with a global focus, etc. Beyond workshops, there are on- and off-site service projects, plenary speakers, cultural presentations, affinity meetings, and many events that take place in the exhibit hall. The conference website has a lot of information so I suggest checking that out to answer your question.

How do you get people to care about their neighborhood?

How do you get people to care about their neighborhood?

It all starts by getting involved and taking action. Things can't change without a catalyst for the change.

Volunteer San Diego is your volunteer center. They have a lot of the resources you need, including access to thousands of volunteers and hundreds of local non-profit agencies.

Consider making up a project to help clean up the environment, and work with your volunteer center to help with staffing and promotion. Your volunteer center can help you find a local agency to work through if you don't have the resources to start your own project. I've worked with several different neighborhood cleanup projects throughout the county. Since National and Global Youth Service Day/Week is coming up, you might be able to organize a special project and have your volunteer center help you with promotion.

I know many people that have helped to make San Diego a better place to live, work, and play. In East San Diego, we've worked on cleaning one of the local community centers. We also did a lot of rebuilding after the fires of 2003.

San Diego is a great place to live, and after working with the thousands of different volunteers in the county, I know that everyone can make a difference.

Good luck!

unemployment among the youth!?

unemployment among the youth!?

My suggestion to improve the unemployment issue in India is education. I think education gives person a door way to a higher salary. A college degree also gives you means to have option to seek employment opportunity in another country. Furthermore, I think the government should look at reinvesting in country infrastructure. I also believe teaching free English classes and some college courses would be great. Give a man fish and he eats for a day. Teach him how fish and he eats for life. I also think the cast system should be removed. I know it is tradition. But, India is now becoming a global competitor and a hub for everything technical as far computers and consumer products. The government should start program that teaches low income and the unemployed persons to become service oriented. I think if you give a person the tools to be more technical in those fields and general knowledge in service support, employment jobs can be created very quickly.

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