Preservation Week on April, 2024: Can you give me recipes food preservation

Preservation Week 2024. National Library of Medicine Announces Second Annual Preservation ... the NLM Preservation Week

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Can you give me recipes food preservation??

I reprouce below the first page of the relevant website containing 10 recipes. There are more pages listing about l,73,000 r ecipes. you can have your choice.


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home preservation loan?

home preservation loan?

Not making that payment could indeed affect the granting of that home preservation loan, because one of the loan conditions was not complied with. While I never advocate borrowing to the hilt, in this case I would recommend that she get a cash advance from a credit card or borrow the money from family and friends (with a written installment note to pay it back), since these home preservation loans are awfully hard to get.

Should we start a "Fireball Preservation Society" on R&S?

Should we start a "Fireball Preservation Society" on R&S?

She can pretty well handle/preserve herself. Last week she accumulated over 7,000 points. She is now on level 7 with over 27,000 points.

I would never report her. It is so refreshing that even when I have had too much brandy, I can find someone like her to make me feel not so dumb.

Also on this date Monday, April 1, 2024...