Army Day 2021 is on Tuesday, April 6, 2021: What is the Army like these days?

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 is Army Day 2021.

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Army Day

Military Day is an opportunity to show your appreciation for that military without you needing to enlist. Many nations around the globe celebrate Army Day, or Military Day, from Armenia to Venezuela. This very day honouring and honoring the country’s military forces could be marked by everything from an aura show happening for an military barracks getting a wide open day. You may also have the opportunity to board a battleship. This loyal day is especially enjoyable if you want waving flags or singing the nation's anthem.The liberty to celebrate Army Day itself might have been a fight hard won. So whether it’s getting involved in a parade, going for a moment to mirror or spending time to watch Saving Private Ryan, celebrate this important day by recalling individuals who fight and individuals who've fought against in your account.

What is the Army like these days?

The Army, or any of the services, is a great way to go if you are willing to work. About 65K per year enlist in the Active Duty Army so obviously it isn't too tough.

1. DS are as hard as they need to be to get the job done. They don't abuse you and generally don't cuss at you, but we do get fed up at times. Don't sweat that aspect of it.

2. You'll make friends in the Army and the Army is like any other large group. You are going to find people you like and people you don't like.

3. You should spend time on some of the official websites and some of the unofficials. I listed a couple favorites below. In the first link go to the "join the military" tab. Something else you should know is that you should visit recruiters from each branch to make sure you know all your options. And remember that what is written in your contract is what you get. If a recruiter tells you that you will not be deployed to a war zone and all the meals include ice cream, this is meaningless unless it is in your contract! Make sure you know what you want and get what you want before you sign.

4. The hardest part is always the same, putting up with people you don't necessarily care for. I'm not talking about Soldiers, but some of the people I have to deal with as part of my duties. You won't have this problem. I also don't care to get up at 0600!

5. Definitely a balance between strength and cardio. Neither is more important.

6. The scariest part is going to be different for everyone. Some are scared of heights, yet become paratroopers, and some are scared of waiting for promotion lists to come out. You will find your own challenges to overcome.

7. You could be a smartass before you earned the right to be a smartass. No one likes that. Remember the people you serve with are you brothers. Never lie to them and never cheat them and always have their back.

8. Have you ever stopped at one of those mall cafeterias where you move with your trap down the line picking out your choices? It is about like that. A couple entrees and a few sides so everyone can find something. Most Dining Facilities (DFAC) also usually have a sandwich/hamburger line. Try to stay away from it! No one likes a fat Soldier.

9. Never happen. Didn't happen that often when it happened.

10. Never had major stress.

11. During BCT/AIT you won't get more than an hour in the evening of free time and a few hours on Sunday. But after that when you are finished with training and serving in a regular unit, you will do PT then have an hour or so to shower and eat. Then have an hour or so for lunch. At about 1700 you will be released for the day and that time is yours. You also have your weekends free except for maybe once a month when it is your turn for duty which means you sit at the front desk and answer the phone. Also we get a lot of four day weekends. Basically anytime there is a national holiday and everyone gets Friday or Monday off, the base commander will declare the other day a training holiday so you have a long weekend and can get away.

Good luck!

Will one day armies disappear?

Will one day armies disappear?

Armies, and wars in general, are needed as a natural part of human evolution. When you look at war from a long-range perspective, it becomes clear that, as destructive as wars are, their very destructiveness has served as the primary force for the evolution of the human race. By mercilessly elimnating those who were unable to survive in the theater of war, wars resulted in a constant upgrading of both the physiological and intellectual acuity of man.

Although many bright people perish in wars, the preponderance of the casualties occur among people with the limited intellectual capacity to understand the mechanics of wars and who are thus unable to avoid becoming casualties.

Who would seriosly dispute the fact that smart people have higher living standards than intellectually less endowed persons do? War elimnates the intellectually less fit and thus, in the end, raises the average intelligence and the living standards of society as a whole.

Throughout the ages, evolution took advantage of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, war, natural disasters, disease and famine.

If we succeed in eliminating armies and war, we are also eliminating war in its capacity as a powerful contributor to evolution by keeping the world population in check. We are now at 6 billion humans, scientific projections of growth predict 10 billion within 50 years...mostly in under developed countries. Humanity will reach the limits of available resources at 9-12 billion..this is not sustainable.

We can only speculate as to which path evolution will take in reducing the world from 10 to 3 billion. A battle for resources will favor those with higher levels of intelligence and rationality. Evolution never receds to irrationality, superstition and stupidity.

army train all day but doesn’t your body need rest?

army train all day but doesn't your body need rest?

No, the army DOESN'T 'do fitness all day'.

They will keep you busy throughout the day, and some ordinary activities are pretty demanding, but that would be the same if you were doing an active civilian job (such as warehouse work or tree felling).

The gym needs to give fairly 'precautionary' advice, because they are dealing with a wide range of people, some of whom may have pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure (yes, there is a questionnaire, but most people lie when filling those in...), or a very active or stressful job.

The army selects people for their above-average physical and mental toughness, OR their willingness to acquire these qualities. So the amount and range of demand they can place on the people they deal with will be greater, especially in the first three months, when they are still busy selecting. Many of those who passed the initial tests will drop out, and the regime is designed to make this happen quickly.

Also on this date April 6, 2021...