Teflon Day 2021 is on Tuesday, April 6, 2021: Moving my parakeet's cage every day

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 is Teflon Day 2021.

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Moving my parakeet’s cage every day??

WARNING!!! Space heaters may contain teflon! This is extremely toxic to birds. If the space heater contains teflon and over heats it can kill your keet on the spot! Otherwise in smaller doses the toxin can still make your budgie very sick and eventually kill him.

That being said.... as far as moving your budgie this shouldn't traumatize him. Is he hand trained? If he is you can consider getting him a sleep cage. If your cage is large and if it is easier to keep it where it is in the living room, you can simply put a sleep cage in your room and have him sleep there.

Sleep cage: small cage, perch, swing, water, food.

Hope this helps. Budgies are such a joy... take care of yours... smiles.

Teflon Environmentally Friendly ?

Teflon Environmentally Friendly ?

No I don't think it is environmentally friendly, they are unnatural and don't last very long, so many are considered disposable, not to mention the health risks. I don't use teflon, not on my carpets or my cooking surfaces. It is considered "safe" as long as you don't ever heat or scratch the surface. I was raised using cast iron and nothing will stick to a well seasoned pan and the pan can last generations.

Pet Birds and Teflon???

Pet Birds and Teflon???

Teflon is toxic when used at all, but everyone will fight insanely over that (just like they fight over aluminum and plastic being toxic) because they figure if it hasn't made anyone spontaneously combust, and the government doesn't irradicate it, then it is safe n_n

I would say you should definitely keep your birdie far away when you are cooking with teflon. The kitchen is a very dangerous place for any birdie anyway, what with open flames and constant temp fluctuation.

My friend left the heat on a teflon-coated pan and fell asleep for about 45 minutes, when he woke up he had lost both of his beloved macaws, ALL of his canaries, and several of his budgies. In the end, the survivors developed problems and had to be euthanized over the next few days :( He was so traumatized that he only does reptiles now. But in that case, the pan was definitely overheated for a while.

I prefer good old-fashioned iron cookware because it evenly heats my steaks and whatnot and I sort of enjoy oiling the pans after XD I dunno, I guess you just like the things you are used to.

Try to just use common sense. Most of the times birds succumb to this sort of thing, it was in an extreme case of inhalation, but the safest bet would be of course to get rid of all the Teflon.

Good luck to you and your birdie. Just to let you know, they do tend to do better in pairs unless they get a demented amount of attention. There are even breeds that can be put together, but you need to make sure you do so carefully and under the advise of a professional!

Hope that helps :)

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