National Blue Ribbon Week on April, 2025: What ribbons do I need for AIT graduation?

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What ribbons do I need for AIT graduation?

You need the National Defense service medal, its red with a yellow stripe down the middle. And the Army Service Ribbon which is rainbow colored. You get the NDSM for joining during time of War, and the ASR for completing Army training (both BCT and AIT).

Depending on if they gave it to you yet or not you may also need to get the Global War on Terrorism medal. Its blue red and yellow. Just make sure if you do need to get it, you don't confuse it with the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal which means you deployed early in the decade. Get onto AKO and check your ERB to be sure.

In Naval RTC, I was curious about what all is issued to a recruit?

In Naval RTC, I was curious about what all is issued to a recruit?

on first night you got there you were issue some basic items

sea bag

garment bag

NAVY PT shirt and shorts (2)

Under wears (5)

NAVY sweat pants

NAVY sweat shirts

Navy issue sneakers

White Socks (don't remember how many pair)

shower shoes

Body wash

Tooth brush

Tooth paste

Tooth Floss

Shaving kit

notebook (2)



Letter kit (for writing mail home)

Laundry bag


Stamp (for labellings your stuff)

Nail clip

Sponge (for bath)

a set of lock


Han kerchief

Bath towels

once you get Thu processing week you will be issue additional items.

Combat boots

Black socks

T-shirts (white and Blue under shirts)

4 NWU (the blue cammie uniforms)

2 Coveralls

2 Dixie caps or 1 Combination cap (depend if you are a woman or a man)

1 set of dress blue

2 set of dress white

1 white belt

2 black belts with buckles

1 Garrison cap

2 NSU (peanut butter as they are nicknamed, for shore command)

1 pair of dress shoes

dress uniform socks

1 NWU parka and liner (jacket for NWU)

1 rain coat

1 pair of leather gloves

1 watch cap (like snow cap for winter)

2 NWU Eight point covers

National Defense ribbon and medal

long sleeve inter undershirt

Thats pretty much everything i got in boot camp and that was Summer 0f 2009. Of course, everything comes out of your paycheck so first one you got only have maybe a couple hundred left in your check. After boot camp you would be able to get more stuff at NEX. They also give you dog tags in boot camp.




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